Book Review: Visions of Magic by: Regan Hastings



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February 1, 2011

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Every witch has a destined mate, an Eternal who will serve as her guardian and complete her powers. Once the first of the coven has awakened, the witches must race against time to join with their Eternals and protect the relics that will prevent the destruction of the world...

In the ten years since magic has reemerged, witches have become feared and pursued. For weeks Shea Jameson has been haunted by visions of fire. When she unintentionally performs a spell in public, she becomes one of the hunted. Her only hope is Torin, a dangerously sensual man who claims to be her Eternal mate.

Torin says that the time of Shea's Awakening has come and that they must find an artifact hidden centuries ago - or else face the end of the world. As her power manifests, and danger and death draw near, Shea must decide whether to trust Torin and the passion and power he brings her - or risk the destruction of everything she's ever known.

Review: I just finished reading Visions of Magic and I am amazed at the author's sheer talent. In a short few pages, Ms. Hastings made me feel entrenched in Shea's world. I did feel, at times, that some aspects of the plot were hurried along to make room for the (very hot) sex scenes. But as they were an intricate part of the story, I didn't feel as if they detracted from the book at all. I found myself getting very angry about the way that the witches and accused human women were treated by the everyday person. I  liked how Ms. Hastings could make me feel so much for the characters and world she created almost instantaneously. I am definitely picking up the next book in this series!

The Awakening Series: Visions of Magic (1), Visions of Skyfire (2), Visions of Chains (3)


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