Book Review: Mercy Blade by: Faith Hunter



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January 4, 2011

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Mass Market Paperback

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Things are heating up in the Big Easy. Weres have announced their existence to the world, and revived the bitter tensions that run between them and their old enemies: vampires. As a trusted employee of Leo Pellissier, Blood Master of the City, Jane finds herself caught in the cross fire.

When Jane is attacked by a pack of marauding werewolves, she is thankful for the help of a mysterious stranger named Girrard. He explains that he used to be Leo's "Mercy Blade", a sacred position charged with killing vampire who have gone insane. What Jane doesn't know is why this powerful assassin left New Orleans - or, more troubling, why he's now returned. It's definitely not to make Jane's life easier...

Review: Jane's been through so much lately and now she's been called upon to deliver a message for Leo Pellissier, the Master of the City. In the meantime, weres have decided to make themselves known to the world - starting with were-cats, which is causing all sorts of complications. When she goes to deliver Leo's message, she's ambushed by a pack of werewolves. While she's fighting, unexpected assistance comes in the form of Girrard (Gee) - who used to be Leo's 'Mercy Blade'. Being a Mercy Blade is a very special position - they are the ones who kill those vampires who have gone insane, but Gee has not been welcome in Leo's house for a very long time. So why is he here now? Where is Jane's boyfriend, Rick? And will Jane survive the next few days?

I absolutely love this series and this book is a superb addition! I read this in almost one sitting and was mesmerized by the tale Ms. Hunter spun. If you are new to this series, I suggest starting at Skinwalker, so you don't miss out on any of Jane Yellowrock's adventures!!

Jane Yellowrock series: Skinwalker (1), Blood Cross (2), Mercy Blade (3), Cat Tales (3.5), Raven Cursed (4), Death's Rival (5)


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