Book Review: Hexbound by: Chloe Neill



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January 4, 2011

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Mass Market Paperback

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They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Turns out that even a little magic can turn you to the dark side. That's why Lily has to learn how to control her newly discovered paranormal abilities, on top of avoiding the snobs who think they run her school, nursing a crush on a cute sophomore with a big werewolf-y secret, and fighting the good fight with her best friend, Scout, as they take on Chicago's nastiest nightlife - including the tainted magic users known as Reapers.

Then one night Lily and her friends are attacked by creatures like nothing they've seen before. And in the aftermath, she realizes she'll have to use her growing powers sooner than she thought - because she's smack in the middle of a paranormal turf war that could tear Chicago apart...

Review: Lily now has to figure out who to use and control the powers that have been awakened inside of her. Of course, this has to happen between classes, spending time with Jason, and fighting the Reapers. No sweat, right? Not so much when there are strange creatures that are suddenly appearing in the tunnels beneath Chicago. Oh, and Sebastian - one of the Dark Reapers - is always finding Lily, trying to tell her something important. Could what he needs to tell her save her life?

I am truly enjoying this series! Hexbound has left me wanting a whole lot more books in the Dark Elite series. I still love the relationship between Scout and Lily - two very different people, who make the best of best friends. The characters and story are strong and draw you in quickly. I definitely want to know more about Sebastian and Lily's parents...and more in-depth history of the magic users in this universe. It's always a great sign when a book leaves you wanting to know more!!

Dark Elite Series: Firespell (1), Hexbound (2), Charmfall (3) 


  1. I so enjoy this series!! Great review. Can't wait for the next one.

  2. I just got this, and now I really can't wait to read it. :-)


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