Book Review: Goddess of Love by: P.C. Cast

Goddess of Love (Goddess Summoning #5)
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publish Date: 5 June 2007
Origins: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Series: Goddess Summoning Series: Goddess of the Sea (1), Goddess of Spring (2), Goddess of Light (3), Goddess of the Rose (4), Goddess of Love (5), Warrior Rising (6), Goddess of Legend (7)

Pea Chamberlain needs a makeover-shoes, hair, clothes, make-up-if she wants to attract an Ÿbersexy fireman. And who could better coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess of Love, whom she invokes in a moment of desperation?

Venus works her magic on Pea, but who will help her when she falls for that same sexy fireman? Could Venus need a love makeover for herself? Check out the five-alarm heat when the Goddess of Love unexpectedly loses her heart.

Everyone and their brother has heard me ramble on about these books for months and months. I decided to do a re-read in honor of the newest release and because I just love them so much. I love the idea of the Gods playing on Earth again, like they used to in mythology. I know they cause all kinds of havoc but that is what makes a great story.

I love Pea, she is so unassuming and I heart her with Vulcan (the God of Fire, btw). He is so fiery and just wants to settle down and she is so sedate and wants the same. They are perfect together. I do say that Ms. Cast does settle everything in nice bows in her books but they usually all have an interesting twist and the Gods can do whatever the want. *shrug*

I love these books, they are one of my favorite series (top 5) and if you haven't read them, you need to. OH, and there is an extreme amount of heat coming out of the pages, she writes steamy steamy stuff!

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  1. This is on my TBR ^_^ along with a few others. Her and Kristin both came to my little island and signed books. I bought Goddess of the Sea that day and I thought it was great.


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