Book Review: Ashes to Angels by: Natalie McCollum


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August 2, 2010

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A love story told as a horror story and a horror story told as a love story, Ashes to Angels is as raw and edgy as the hipster characters whose blended voices color much of the ink like a literary tattoo. Auryn, an angel, cuts off her wings – with scissors – in an ill-advised deal made with her demon twin sister looking for bail out of hell. Auryn falls out of the sky to earth, where she falls for Asher, failed artist. This is the story of the evolution and dissolution – a vicarious nuclear catastrophe – of their bizarre relationship: angel falls for atheist, poet steals from his own Muse, mortal rapes a supernatural, immortal commits suicide. As a paranormal dark romance, it makes subversive comment in poetic meditation on the impossibilities of love, the most lethal threat to human existence.

Review: It’s not often that a book comes along that leaves me speechless, but Ashes to Angels has done this. The writing is unlike almost anything I have ever come across – and that’s a good thing! It is stream of consciousness, poetry, song lyrics, footnotes, and quotes woven together to form a haunting story. It’s the story of a girl (who may be an angel) that cuts off her wings – falling into the arms of a poet with more than a tendency toward self-destruction. Yet, that’s not all there is to this intriguing, complex, and slightly disturbing novel. Ashes to Angels also addresses very serious issues – drug use/addiction, mental illness, rape, and suicide. I think that the lyrics to Sarah McLachlan's song, Possession, sum up the book best...

When you finish, you’ll be left with a whole new perspective on life, love, and sanity. Read this book and find out for yourself!


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