Book Review: Arcane Circle by: Linda Robertson


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December 28, 2010


Mass Market Paperback

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Even magic can't solve everything...

After facing down the forces of Fairy in mortal combat, Persephone Alcmedi still must deal with the aftermath. Not only does Seph now possess deadly secrets she must hide from the arcane and mundane world alike, but the dozens of magical creatures who've taken up residence behind her cornfield need food and shelter, and there's still her foster daughter Beverly's tenth birthday to plan.

And that's not all...Seph's boyfriend Johnny has revealed himself as the as the wærewolf Domn Lup, and the ruler of the wære world is en route from Romania to make sure Johnny really is the "king" he claims to be. But Johnny's hiding a dangerous secret: his magic is locked in his mysterious tattoos. He and Seph must find a way for him to reclaim it - fast - despite those who have no intention of letting Johnny gain his full powers. Seph knows that, in the arcane world, strength is always a necessity and power must be consistently proven, but how far is she willing to go to succeed...and at what cost? 

Review: Vampires, witches, and wærewolves, oh my! Persephone has a lot to deal with in the aftermath of the Fairy wars - the Eldrenne is dead, Johnny's come out as the Domn Lup, and she had to kill a close friend. On top of that, her foster daughter's birthday party is coming up and none of her classmate's parents want Seph to be there. She's also on the outs with the ruling coven and the MIB are coming for her. Seph just can't catch a break...

I picked up the first book in this series on a whim and I have been addicted ever since. Every book gets better and better - I also love that it just brings home the point that a true family is the one of your choosing. These books are definitely not your run-of-the-mill vampire and wærewolf story. Also, Seph's rituals and rites are beautiful and moving. Every book gets better - in terms of characters, plot, writing...Ms. Robertson has created a unique and fascinating world that I long to get lost in over and over again.

Persephone Alcmedi Series: Vicious Circle (1), Hallowed Circle (2), Fatal Circle (3), Arcane Circle (4), Wicked Circle (5)


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