Book Review: Right Hand Magic by: Nancy A. Collins



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December 7, 2010

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Like most Manhattanites, aspiring artist Tate can’t resist a good rental deal – even if it’s in the city’s strangest neighborhood, Golgotham. For centuries werewolves, Valkyries, centaurs, and countless other creatures have crowded these streets, where no cab will venture. Golgotham’s most prominent citizens, though, are Kymerans, a race of witches who provide humans with the charms they desire and the curses they fear.

Tate’s new landlord is a Kymeran sorcerer-for-hire- named Hexe. Despite being the son of Golgotham’s Witch-Queen, Hexe is determined to build his own reputation without using dark Left Hand magic or his mother’s connections. As Tate is irresistibly drawn into Hexe’s fascinating world, they both find that the right hand does not always know what the left hand is doing…

Review: Tate is an artist who works in metal and is still trying to make it big. When she's asked to leave the condo she currently lives in because of the "noise" she makes while creating her art, she calls a number she finds advertising a room for rent. She goes to the house to see the room and finds out it's in Golgotham, where  humans are outnumbered and the world works differently. Tate finds herself wanting to know more about the world of her landlord, Hexe, but she just might be in over her head...

I absolutely loved this book! I enjoyed the complex settings and characters, the magic and fantastical realism, and everything else! At first, Tate's not sure what to make of Hexe and his familiar, but as time passes, she finds herself drawn to him and to learning about his world. When circumstances push them closer together to save a young boy, will Tate be able to hold her own in a world of magic where she has none?

Golgotham series: Right Hand Magic (1), Left Hand Magic (2), Magic and Loss (3)


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