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Out for Blood (Drake Chronicles)
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Publish Date: 21 December 2010
Origins: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Series: The Drake Chronicles: Hearts at Stake (1), Blood Feud (2), Out for Blood (3)

Hunter Wild is the youngest in a long line of elite vampire hunters, a legacy that is both a blessing and a curse at the secret Helios-Ra Academy, where she excels at just about everything. Thanks to her friendship with Kieran Black, Hunter receives a special invitation to attend the coronation of Helena Drake, and for the first time, she sees the difference between vampires that must be hunted and vampires that can become friends—or even more. When students at the academy fall victim to a mysterious illness, Hunter suspects they are under attack from within. She will need someone she can trust to help her save the future of Helios-Ra . . . help that shockingly comes in the form of Quinn Drake, a drop-dead gorgeous vampire. Who said senior year would be easy?

I continue to read these great books. This is book 3 as you know from the above listing in this series and they all have been very good. This one felt a bit less life ending than the previous two, but that is ok. I enjoyed the fact that Alyxandra Harvey did not over describe everything, that is a huge point for me, there are many scenes in this book that could have been drawn out endlessly but they weren't. Her writing is quick, efficient, and suitably descriptive.

I enjoyed getting to know yet another Drake brother and see some of the other characters I am growing to love. I really like Hunter, she fierce, loyal, and everything a great heroine should be. I enjoyed seeing her take down the over-flirtatious Quinn. Speaking of Quinn, he is hot, one of my favorite brothers so far. I am totally seeing a future story between his twin and another hunter, but I won't share.

I was impressed to see that Alyxandra Harvey is getting deeper into the vampire world, minus some of the politics, and she even tortured a character or two, which is never a bad thing. The plot was fast paced, it didn't have a life or death feel that the other books held, but it was still pretty dramatic, and it was life or death, I just didn't feel that way. Also the timeline feels so weird to me, it has only been two weeks from the beginning of the first book to the beginning of the second, everything moves fast fast...I am intrigued to see if Ms. Harvey continues this pattern of short timelines in her books.

I have enjoyed each of these book and can't wait for the next one. They are light, fun, dramatic, and full of fresh vampire mythos for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Great review and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Great giveaway this book sounds very good Thank you for the chance!

  3. I recommend really strongly that you read this book, but you should probably read the other ones too if you want to get the full picture.


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