Strong Enough for a Soldier, Made for a Bibliophile!

Wanted to share a bit of a bibliophile moment I had today. *sigh* I went to the range this morning and here in MD the weather is gloomy and rainy...not fun range weather. Well I was stupid and brought a book with me (as I ALWAYS do) and I put it in my pocket for when I fired. Well...I got a lot dirtier and wetter than I anticipated, you can't see my boots but they are caked in mud as well. The book was in my pocket through the 2 hours of laying, kneeling, and slopping through the mud. It is perfectly readable, is a tad wet on bottom, but I was truly impressed by how well it held up. I am going to buy a copy when it becomes available to purchase so I have a pretty one for my shelf but...for now I will still be devouring this one.

That is my hand is my beautiful copy of Alien Tango by Gini Koch

Alien Tango conclusion. Alien Tango: Strong Enough for a Soldier, Made for a Bibliophile!

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  1. Awesome post, thank you for sharing! You look wonderful dear! Take a close up picture of the muddy book *g*!

  2. Cute post. did you have fun?

    books and guns hmmm..

    NRBA? (national rifle and book assosiation)
    Noun: (NERBA)- the assosiation for guns and books, often looked down upon for its controdicting activities of reading and destroying things at the same time.
    None shalt cross the power of bibliophiles with armed weapons and not be impressed. who knew those quiet little bookies could do Skeet so well??

    >.< ok, i need ot lay down before i go way off topic! lol!

  3. Chicks and guns, never misses!

    Awesome to see you standing (! woot!) and to see how well Alien Tango managed in the trenches!

  4. Even mud worn and soggy, I am uber drooling over that copy. I want one in my hands!

  5. I love this post, thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice post! That's amazing that the book held up that good, especially after the day you had. ^_^

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