Book Review: The Painted Boy by: Charles de Lint



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November 11, 2010

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James Li should be in Chicago, finishing high school and working at his family's restaurant. Instead, as a born member of the Yellow Dragon Clan, he is on a quest even he does not understand. Jay's journey takes him to Santo del Vado Viejo in the Arizona desert, a town overrun by gangs, haunted by members of other animal clans, perfumed by delicious food, and set to the beat of Malo Malo, a barrio rock band whose female lead guitarist captures Jay's heart. He must face a series of dangerous, otherworldly - and very human - challenges not just to survive, but also to prove his worth to the clan.

Review: Jay Li left Chicago for a pinpoint on the map he put his finger on when he had his eyes closed. He arrives in Santo del Vado Viejo and isn't even off the bus before gang members are searching for him - people who he doesn't know and doesn't care to know. He meets a girl who helps him hide - and who has her own reasons for hating the gangs - and becomes his first friend in this new town. Jay doesn't want trouble, but his clan aren't meant to be lingering in the background - they are protectors. When another friend is hurt, Jay's protective instincts kick in and he can't hide from himself any longer.

I love Charles de Lint's stories - he has a knack of spinning a tale which grips you, shakes your reality, and ends with you changed for the better. Jay's just trying to figure out who he is and he felt the call to go south, which turns into his version of a vision quest. He's got so much to learn about life, death, love, and the nature of the being inside of him - the dragon. Jay has to grow up quick and learn fast before it's too late for everyone he's come to care about - and himself. He's got help along the way, but in the end, the decision is his and he needs to make it big or not make it at all. Not everyone is what they seem, but that's a staple in the worlds of Charles de Lint. A wonderful and must-have addition to your library!

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  1. Charles De Lint is awesome!! "The Blue Girl" remains one of my favourites. Great that you've reviewed his latest and I'm glad you liked it.


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