Book Review: The Forever Queen by: Helen Hollick

The Forever Queen
Publisher: Sourcebook Landmark
Publish Date: 1 November, 2010
Origins: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Series: The Lost Kingdom 1066

The year is 1013, and the young Emma of Normandy is to marry King Æthelred of England. It is a marriage as doomed to fail as Æthelred's entire incompetent reign. But Emma is to find her own happiness when Cnut of Denmark seizes the English throne...

I know I keep saying this over and over but I LOVE Helen Hollick. I am going to get on a plane, travel to England, seek her out, and kiss her on the cheek for writing such beautiful (and accurate) historical fiction. I would also like to add that this book is the first book with one of my blog blurbs in it. *happy dance ensues* Anyway...back to the important stuff. Helen Hollick writes in a way that makes history come to life in an intimate and entertaining way. Every time I pick up one of her books I can't set it down until it is complete.

I actually took some time on this book to do some research about Emma of Normandy and decide for myself whether or not it was an accurate portrayal. I already trust this author completely on her facts but I felt I needed to be sure in order to include in the review. I did some wiki, some Google, even checked out a library book (all for you dear readers) and decided that Ms. Hollick has got this info down perfectly. I didn't like fact check every single little date but...with history this long ago, that is hard work. I did a good amount of research and all the fact points lined up for me. I am happy.

Now, for those of you who have read my reviews of Ms. Hollick's Pendragon's Banner series know that I believe (still do) that Ms. Hollick writes history as it happened but in a way that a modern reader can understand and enjoy. That is the most important part, the enjoyment. I certainly did enjoy this one. I would also like to comment on the fact that she left out some of the dirty details in the beginning when Emma first gets married. I am sure (even though it is history) she had to walk a very fine line there, and I appreciate exactly how much she judged to share and how little. 

As for the characters and the plot itself...I am totally in L-O-V-E with Emma and Cnut. After everything this young girl and then young women had to endure so early in life I am proud to be a women after reading this. She completely amazes me, I am totally in awe of Emma and I adore Cnut for being better than her first husband for one, and for finally giving Emma a piece of happiness. 

I LOVE this book. I LOVE this author and I will read every single book she puts out from now until I die. I am a fan for life!

Also do not forget we are going to have a chat with this amazing author here, on my blog, on November 22nd from 7pm to 9pm EST, so don't miss it! Also check out the schedule below for more reviews and events!

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  1. Good review - I just requested this from my library - making it my first historical fiction based on your review - thanks!

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

  2. I have never read this author but I love historical fiction and I review a lot of it on my blog. Thanks for this great review. Reading how you did additional research on the historical accuracy was awesome. Will add to my wishlist!

  3. Thank you! I assure you if you come to London I'll treat you to lunch!

  4. I am giving away free signed bookplates that can be attached to your books (I have bookplates for the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, The Sea Witch Voyages and for Forever Queen - state which ones you would like)

    There's no charge, but I do ask you to donate $2 to a charity of your choice.

    Contact me via my website:

    (I will need your name & an address where to send the bookplates)


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