Book Review: Feisengrad by: Aaron Richard Golub



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July 27, 2010

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In Feisengrad's world, known only as The Z, human babies emerge from large eggs in laboratories; food is limited to a substance called "vegetable," and constant war is waged against an unnamed enemy. Every action is strictly monitored and potential violations result in citizens being ruled "safe" or "out" by the ruling umpires. The rules of the game are only known to the cops and umpires and appear to be completely arbitrary. Like other residents of The Z, Feisengrad must find friends, a job and a girlfriend in order to remain "safe" - but in doing so, he soon finds himself drawn into a larger conflict that threatens not just his existence, but the internal harmony of The Z.

Review: Feisengrad's world is brutal, nasty and short. . He is born from an industrial egg to become a plow7 -- a functionary with no past forced to fulfill a role in a world of arbitrary rules dictated by Umpires enforced by Cops. The lost art of satire and parody are revived in Feisengrad – where the underlying question, “Who is really in charge?” is echoed through everything Feisengrad does. He fails to fit in. He questions, fights, loses his job, and brings the wrath of not only the ‘authorities’, but also the other plow7s. Filled with strong morals and insightful humor, Feisengrad is a strange and eerily accurate reflection of our world. You’ll find yourself hoping Feisengrad makes it through the week, against all odds.

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  1. sounds like an really interesting dystopia. i'll keep an eye out for it!


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