Book Review: Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop

Dreams Made Flesh (Black Jewels, Book 5)Publisher: RoC
Publish Date: 7 February 2006
Origins: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Series: The Black Jewels Series: Daughter of the Blood (1), Heir to the Shadows (2), Queen of the Darkness (3), The Invisible Ring (4), Dreams Made Flesh (5), Tangled Webs (6), The Shadow Queen (7), Shalador's Lady (8), Twilight's Dawn (9)

This book is an anthology of short stories piecing together some of the events since Jaenelle's fall from power. The book starts with a short story about the weaver of dreams and how she comes to learn to weave and create the web that makes Jaenelle who she is. The next story is a short story about how Marian comes into the family and how her and Lucivar become married. The following story is the story of Saetan's past, how he and Hekatah divorce and the events that uh...surround that (sorry don't want to give to much away). The final story is Daemon and Jaenelle post healing and the final (finally) fall of Roxie.

Ok, now I am going to go story by story and only share a bit about what I liked in each, because there is nothing in any of them that I did not like.

The story about the weaver explains a lot about the background of the senechel, Lorn, and the blood. I have always been fascinated with the weavers (even though there are spiders) because of what they contribue to Jaenelle. I enjoyed the story about Lucivar just because I love to see him happy and content and I really like Marian as a charachter. I was happy to learn where she came from.

The story about Saetan's past explained a lot about him and how he came to power as the high lord. I finally (just from this story) realized how close the high lord and Jaenelle really are and how everyone becomes terrified of him. I was for about a minute. The story with Jaenelle and Daemon, of course, was my favorite. I was sad in the beginning but grew happier as thing changed for the family later in the book. I think Daemon is a tad insane...oh yes...but I love that he can be totally crazy and yet still be so perfect with Jaenelle.

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  1. I loved Lucivars story! It was my favorite one of the book :)

  2. nice review.
    My favourite was Lucivar's story as well.

  3. Thanks for the review. I have this sitting on my shelf to read. I loved the trilogy and the last 2 books as well.

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