Book Review: Siren Song by: Cat Adams



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September 28, 2010


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Bodyguard Celia Graves plies her trade in a world where vampires roam the alleys of Tinseltown, street-corner psychics have real powers, and copes use memory-enhancement spells. Celia always thought she was an ordinary human, albeit one with a clairvoyant for a best friend and a ghost for a little sister.

A recent vampire attack made Celia an Abomination. She finds sunlight painful and must take all her food in liquid form, but she still has her soul. She's slowly adjusting to her new "lifestyle" (therapy sessions and all) when she discovers that the attack awakened a hidden part of her heritage: Celia is part Siren, able to enthrall men...and enrage women...without half-trying.

Her best friend's murder is still unsolved; the cops are convinced Celia should be in jail, if not staked; and her old lover, magician Bruno DeLuca, has something important to tell her. To top it all off, Celia's been summoned to the Sirens' island for what might be a battle to the death - assuming she's not killed before she even sets sail.

Celia Graves has more than one enemy. Some of them want her blood. Some of them want her soul. All of them want her dead.

Review: Celia has way too much on her plate - her best friend dead, her boyfriend acting strange, a new and unexpected business partnership - oh, and a fight to the death coming on Siren Island. Then everything starts going down the tubes big time! Celia has to figure out who she can truly trust and what her place in the world is now. If only she had time to take a breath between assassination attempts, heart-break, and harassment by people who supposed to be serving and protecting. Celia's got to get to the bottom of what's going on and the truth will surprise everyone.

This is a great addition to the Blood Singers series and it starts with a bang and ends the same way. This is a fast-paced action adventure, with twists and turns around every corner (literally!). I highly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read the next one - I'm sure this will become one of the best series of Ms. Adams' career. I was greatly impressed with the way that all the myriad sub-plots were coherently twisted into the bigger story and wrapped up - while others opened. Beautifully written and wonderfully gripping - a must read!!

Blood Singer Series: Blood Song (1), Siren Song (2), Demon Song (3), The Isis Collar (4), The Eldritch Conspiracy (5) 

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  1. I've never heard of this one before, but I love the sound of it now! Great review :)


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