Book Review: Memories of Envy by: Barb Hendee



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October 5, 2010

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For a Vampire, Killing is Easy. She Makes it Fun.

A reluctant predator, Eleisha Clevon has made a home for herself and other vampires in Portland, Oregon. Despite the risks, she is determined to locate all vampires who still reside in isolation so she can offer them sanctuary and, more important, so she can teach them to feed without killing. She is shocked when she learns that a lost vampire may be living as close as Denver - and she has to handle this one more carefully than any she has ever approached.

Simone Stratford is a beautiful, delicate-looking creature from the roaring twenties who enjoys playing elaborate games with mortals: She stokes their passion for her before finally draining them of their blood.

When Eleisha and her protector, Philip Brante, go to Denver to search for Simone, what they find is far worse - and more seductive - than either one bargained for. Philip's love for Eleisha and his ability to fit into her world are pushed to the breaking point, as is Eleisha's fierce belief in her own mission. But soon they find themselves caught up in one of Simone's games, which turns into a battle for Eleisha's life and Philip's soul.

Review: There are very few vampires in existence today because they failed to abide by the laws of the elders – because they killed humans. Eleisha Clevon lives by that rule and the other laws. She has gathered two vampires to the Portland underground. She has an investigator who locates other vampires so Eleisha can try to help them conform to the old laws. But Simone Stratford is more than Eleisha ever bargained for…

This is a slick and haunting tale of a woman who is good and just - and another woman, who is neither good nor just, but enjoys the hunt and it’s her singular thrill in life. When good and evil aren’t black and white, and things aren’t always what they seem – that’s when things get interesting. Read this with the lights on and other people around!

Vampire Memories series: Blood Memories (1), Hunting Memories (2), Memories of Envy (3), In Memories We Fear (4), Ghosts of Memories (5)

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  1. I do love a good vampire book. This sounds like a series I might enjoy.


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