Book Review: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by: Lish McBride


Henry Holt and Company

Publish Date:
October 12, 2010

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Meet Sam, just your average guy rocking that fast food career.

Enter Douglas, a powerful and violent necromancer. Douglas immediately recognizes Sam as a fellow necromancer - which is news to Sam - and he's none to happy to have a competition in the crowded paranormal scene in Seattle.

Now Sam has an undead friend on his hands and a hot werewolf girl for company. With just one week to find a way out of Douglas's clutches, can Sam figure out how to use his mysteriously latent powers?

Review: Sam leads a ho-hum life. He works at Plumpy's, a hamburger joint. His job is boring and he spends his free time hanging out with his friends Ramon, Brooke and Frank. Then one night, a game of potato hockey goes bad when a car's taillight gets busted by a hooked slap shot. When the owner comes into the restaurant later, he grabs Sam and asks him questions about a Council and why he's here. Sam thinks he's nuts, until he's beaten up by a huge freaking guy and he gets a gift he wasn't expecting. Now he's got a week to join Douglas Montgomery - a fellow Necromancer - or die. But how is Sam supposed to do this when he never knew he was a Necromancer to begin with?

This was a funny, adorable, and wonderful book - I really could not put it down! I loved the characters and the whole story was well-written with great dialogue, action, comedy, and a smidgen of romance. An absolutely awesome first novel (and hopefully not the last) featuring characters you'd want to hang out and ply potato hockey with!

Necromancer series: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (1), Necromancer: A Novella (1.5), Necromancing the Stone (2)


  1. Sounds good. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. I loved this book too and there is a sequel coming! :) Great review!


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