Book Review: Four Play by: Maya Banks and Shayla Black

Four Play
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publish Date: 5 October 2010
Origins: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Series: Stand Alone

In Pillow Talk by Maya Banks, Zoe is a woman in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Chase. Then one night, Chase reveals his number-one fantasy, which involves his two best buddies. Is Zoe game? She sure is, because it opens the door for a secret fantasy all her own. In Shayla Black's Her Fantasy Men, a girly-girl named Kelsey plays football, craves action movies, and loves knocking back a cold beer with her three best friends-all male. Yet she's never seemed sexually interested in any one of these hot guys. So what does Kelsey want? A fantasy come true for all four of them.


I did not mean to compare the two stories but that is what ended up happening...sorry if you don't like that, I just couldn't help it. Liked them both though...hands are burned from holding this book these novellas are so steamy!

Review of Pillow Talk:

I enjoyed this is not at all like Maya Banks' other work (well, the only other work I have read is her Sweet series) but this story is very different. It has the same feel, the love, the acceptance for people, no matter what they want for who they are...I feel these are very large themes in her books. This story is hot! I enjoyed getting to know each man than Zoe loves...I actually liked Dillon...even if the guys didn't. Up until they talked about him uh....after....and then I could see how they felt, even if I found him hot. This novella obviously is written the way it was written. I didn't expect huge conflict and plot points. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending as well. Very nice, comforting, and crazy crazy H-O-T!

Review of Her Fantasy Men:

I did not enjoy this story as much as Maya's...that is not to say I didn't like it....just not as much. I will tell you why! I can't conceive in my head a relationship where everyone wants a life, a family, and marriage...and there are four people...not just the two. I mean, I am not saying it couldn't happen...I just didn't feel that this story felt as plausible as the first one. Now...on the heat level...Shayla Black totally outdid Ms. Banks...this story had a bit of everything I love in a good hot sensual scene. I was a bit surprised to see more the D/S in this story than in Maya Banks' story. I loved Kelsey's conviction to what she wants and her need to be completely happy ...I love a strong women in a story like this, she needs to balance the testosterone and she does it beautifully.

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