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Demon King, The (A Seven Realms Novel)I am so very excited an honored to have Ms. Chima on my blog today. She agreed to do an interview with me after I contacted her about my love for 'The Demon King'. Ms. Chima is a NYT Children's Series bestseller and she has been nominated for, and won, numerous awards for her 'Heir series'. I am so honored to have her here today! Let's get going. I hope you enjoy my questions and her answers!

1. Please tell us a bit about your books 'The Demon King' and 'The Exhiled Queen'.

(CWC) Unlike my contemporary Heir Chronicles series, this is a high fantasy series, set in the Seven Realms.
Han Alister is a streetgang leader who is trying to go straight, and it isn't easy, because it's really hard to make a living in the queendom of the Fells without stealing. Raisa ana'Marianna is the heir to the throne, but she's rebelling against the restrictions put upon her at court. She is of mixed blood--her father is upland Spirit Clan, her mother is the queen and of Vale descent. The Spirit Clans and Wizard Council have been at odds for more than a thousand years--since the magical disaster known as the Breaking.  

2. How did you come up with such a fascinatingly various world? There are wizards, nobility, castes, and a tribal culture all thrown together...

Exiled Queen, The (A Seven Realms Novel)(CWC) I actually created the Seven Realms for the Star-Marked Warder, an adult fantasy trilogy I began writing a few years ago. That never sold, but I had a magical system, a history, a well-developed set of conflicts, and a map. For the Seven Realms series, I took some of the characters from the Star Marked Warder back to when they were teenagers. 

3. Why did you choose Han and Raisa to talk through, they are so different?

(CWC) I wanted to write a series from two viewpoints--from strong male and female characters that I hope would be appealing to a wide range of readers. Because Han and Raisa are so different, they have a lot to teach each other. And it is also a source of conflict that drives story. Han has a violent history--but he also has a strong moral code. As the story opens, Raisa is sheltered, a little spoiled, and strong-willed--but she is tough, persistent, and  good at heart. 

4. I find the concept of 'the breaking of the world' is so fascinating and of course frightening, and the words themselves, the image they conjure is so vivid, why did you decide to call it this instead of something different?

Dragon Heir(CWC) The magical disaster known as the Breaking sends the world veering off in a totally different direction. A thousand years later, the peoples of the Seven Realms are still controlled by it. The term the Breaking signifies that break with the past, and also the fact that no one is really exactly sure what happened. I am fascinated by the way history is written by the victors--and the truths we think we know are not always accurate. 

5. Do you prefer coffee, or tea?

(CWC) Hot coffee and iced tea.

6. Are you an avid reader yourself? Do you have any fav books.

(CWC) I am an avid reader, though I don't get as much reading done as I did when I was a teen! I read for an hour every day at least, while I work out. I mostly read young adult fiction, often fantasy of all kinds. I am a Goodreads author, so anyone can visit my page there to see what I've been reading lately. 

The Wizard Heir7. I believe your books transcend genres, they can easily be cataloged as fantasy or as young adult fantasy, do you agree...and what about your books do you believe allow them to do that?

(CWC) I am old enough to remember when there wasn't a well-developed young adult genre. When I was a teen, I read "adult" books that had special appeal to teens, including the Lord of the Rings, the Mary Stewart fantasy series, David Eddings, Mercedes Lackey, lots of historical fiction. Fantasy written for adults often involves teen characters--characters who are coming of age. That's often when magical powers manifest. It's also a time of transformation, and I am fascinated by that. All of my books are about transformation. 
The Seven Realms series is being published as adult fiction in some countries overseas. If they do cross over, I think it's because I don't believe in condescending to teens. I try to create a world that anybody--teen or adult--can believe in. One cool thing about high fantasy, set in medieval times, is that teens were practically adults in those days--they were not sheltered. So they can get into very major kinds of trouble. 

8. If you could live in any fantasy world ever created, which would it be?

The Warrior Heir(CWC) I'd love to go back to something like Tudor times in Britain--but I would need to have an escape door for when I got into trouble. 

9. Please tell us a bit about your other young adult fantasy series.

(CWC) The Heir Chronicles are contemporary fantasy, set in a midwest college town. As the series opens, high school student Jack Swift discovers that he is among the last of a guild of magical warriors, who are recruited to play in deadly tournaments by the all-powerful Wizard Guild. I began writing The Warrior Heir after Harry Potter began its run. I really wanted to write a contemporary fantasy story that could take place in any high school in the US. I wanted to bring magic into the real world. 

10. What can we expect in the future? Anything you can share with us eagerly waiting readers?

(CWC) There will be four books total in the Seven Realms series. The third book is tentatively titled, The Sword of Hanalea, and the fourth, The Gray Wolf Throne. I am finishing edits on Sword and am close to finishing the first draft on GWT. After that i will be writing two more Heir books. Plus I have a short story coming out in November in an anthology called The Way of the Wizard edited by John Joseph Adams that tells the story of how Linda Downey and Leander Hastings first met (characters from the Heir series.) Visit my website at for updates on all of this. 

It is my incredible honor to have this author on my blog! I loved her answers and I was so happy she could take the time to stop by. She was also gracious enough to send me some swag and signed bookplates for 2 lucky winners! 

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Also visit the author's website for some more information about her and her amazing books!

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