Book Review: The Twins’ Daughter by: Lauren Baratz-Logsted


Bloomsbury USA Children's Books

Publish Date:
August 31, 2010

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Lucy Sexton is stunned when her mother’s identical twin sister shows up at the family’s front door one day. Separated at birth, the two sisters have had dramatically different upbringings – and have never known of the other’s existence. Lucy’s mother soon becomes determined to transform her sister Helen into the kind of lady that all of society will admire. And the change in Aunt Helen is indeed remarkable. But is it just Lucy’s imagination, or does Aunt Helen seem to delight in being mistaken for Lucy’s mother…especially where Lucy’s father is concerned? Then one day Lucy is horrified to stumble upon the scene of a brutal murder in her own house. Who is behind the vicious slaying – and who has been left alive?

Review: Lucy is a privileged child, who wants for almost nothing, but everything in her life changes with a knock at the door. At first glance, she thinks her mother had locked herself out, but with a second look she realizes it's her mother's double. A double no one ever knew existed. Lucy's life is flipped upside down and backwards as the people she loves the most start behaving in strange ways - until one day she comes home and finds her mother (or her aunt - she's not sure) dead. Then things get strange...

This is a creepy story of mistaken identity and familial lies written by a master of the twisted tale. No one is who  you think they are and just when you think you've got it figured out, think again...


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. What would have boosted it up a star or two?

  2. Reena,

    I wasn't a fan of Lucy's seemingly total naiveté and the book was slow in places. Otherwise, a very good book!



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