Book Review: Stones Skipping on Water by: Richard Taylor


Ransom Greene Press

Publish Date:
July 26, 2010

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Trade Paperback

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Venture Capitalist John Kincaide's company GenePharm has developed a memory enhancement drug called ClearThought. His chief chemist Gordon Bischof has been secretly testing the drug on himself, has overdosed on it and claims ClearThought has made him see his past lives. In one of those lives Kincaide killed Bischof and his lover, a '30-era movie star, Diana Fleming, who has since reincarnated and is now involved in a torrid romance with Kincaide. Now Bischof wants Diana back and Kincaide dead.

Review: When John Kincaide meets Vanessa at an art show, he immediately knows there is something about her he recognizes. Before he has more time to explore that connection any further, he gets called into his company to deal with Gordon Bischof, his chief chemist, who seems to have gone over the edge. But when Vanessa follows along and Bischof sees her, he gets even more agitated. Bischof's not seeing the here and now - he's living in the past...but how? ClearThought. A drug to enhance memory has spiritual repercussions when Bischof claims that he saw his past lives after overdosing on the drug, which isn't FDA approved for human testing. Only Bischof thought it would be okay to do discreet (read illegal) testing on himself, until he upped the dose too far. Now John and Gordon are caught in a struggle with it's beginnings over 70 years in the past. And Vanessa's caught in the middle. Will John and Vanessa have enough time to discover the truth before Bischof discovers where they are?

Have you ever felt drawn to someone - or just as equally - repelled by someone? Have you ever felt deja vu about places or things? If you say yes, you too could find out the truth...with ClearThought!

I enjoyed this book very much and was intrigued by the drug itself as much I was the characters. John and Vanessa are caught up in something that was out of their control, but they've got to get to the bottom of the situation before it's too late. I liked the characters and Vanessa was by far my favorite. There were some places it felt a teensy bit slow, but overall I thought this was a well-written and thought-provoking story. It keeps you wondering....what if?  

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  1. First have to say that I love the title of this book and the story sounds intriguing.


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