Book Review: Hawk of May by: Gillian Bradshaw


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September 1, 2010

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Son of an evil sorceress queen, Gwalchmai seemed destined to follow the path of Darkness. But early one morning, the isle of immortals calls him on a quest as a warrior of light...and seals his destiny as hero of King Arthur's Britain. 

Review: Gwalchmai (which means Hawk of May) is the second son of Morgawse and Lot of the Orcades. He just wanted to fit in - but he couldn't be a warrior to make his father proud, so he turned to his mother's sorcery. However, the magic his mother wields is like nothing he imagined and he remains unable to protect that which he holds most dear. Until something changes one night and he heads off to find Arthur - his uncle and High King.

This is a very different take on Gwalchmai's story. I've read a lot of Arthurian literature and there hasn't been too much told in detail about his life before (that I can recall). The boy who will be called Gawain is a typical child, who wants to fit and be loved by his family. He doesn't always understand what that will take - since he's not part of a regular family - but a royal family.

Overall I liked the story. The one thing that distracted from the story is the fact that it was a very uncorrected proof copy and I had to puzzle out exactly what was meant at times. This is the first of a trilogy and I think you'll find this an enjoyable read.

Down the Long Wind series: Hawk of May (1), Kingdom of Summer (2), In Winter's Shadow (3)

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  1. Oh my gosh, I read those way back in the 1980s...and remember enjoying them, I think...

    I should look them up again!


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