Book Review: The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall by: Mary Downing Hahn


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September 6, 2010

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When twelve-year-old Florence boards the horse-drawn coach in London, she looks forward to a new life at Crutchfield Hall, her great-uncle’s manor house in the English countryside. Anything will be better, Florence thinks, than the grim London orphanage she has just left.

Florence doesn’t reckon with the eerie presence that haunts the cavernous rooms and dimly lit hallways of Crutchfield. It’s the ghost of her cousin Sophia, who died the year before. Sophia’s ghost seeks to recreate the scene of her death and cause someone else to die in her place so that she will be restored to life. And she intends to force her newly arrived cousin to help her.

Review: Florence lost the only family she's known when she was five and has been living in an orphanage for the past seven years until she gets sent for by her great-uncle to live in Crutchfield Hall. Florence is excited and apprehensive, since she's never heard of (let alone met) any of these sudden relatives. When she gets there she's shunned by her great-aunt who wishes she were someone else and curious about her invalid cousin. Before long, Florence realizes that they're not alone in the house - her cousin, Sophia, is haunting them all. Sophia wants nothing less than a new chance at life and she thinks that Florence will help her get it.

I've been reading Mary Downing Hahn's books since I was about 7 and I've loved every one of them! This is no exception - Crutchfield Hall is creepy and Sophia is quite the psychopath. You don't even have to leave your chair to explore a haunted house and feel the ghostly fingers trailing down your back...


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely loooveee the sound of this one! I definitely need to read this. Great review :)

  2. I'll have to put this on my find list. Love the hint of a dark "Secret Garden".

  3. So agree with your review. ENjoyed this one.


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