Book Review: Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror By: R.L. Stine (Editor)



Publish Date:
September 2, 2010

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Don't Breathe. Don't Move. Don't Make A Sound. And Whatever You Do. Don't Trust A Soul.

Because in this thrilling collection of heart-stopping original stories, anyone can be a villain, and no one is who - or what - he or she seems. From thirteen masters of adult and young adult thriller writing, including six New York Times bestselling authors, here are stories guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and up all night. 

Review: This is a great anthology for those who like a thrill and scare in their stories! I was impressed with the high quality in each short story, since I've never been a great fan of short stories, but this is definitely a collection to pick up. I can't say which is my favorite as there were things I liked about all of them and it was a  quick read, too. Just make sure to leave a light on!


  1. Can't say I like thrill and scare ;) But this one I could handle

  2. Ooh sounds goo! I saw this at the store but didn't really look at it.. I thought Oh RL Stine has a new book out, lol! Didn't realize it was an anthology.


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