Book Review: Edgar Allan’s Official Crime Investigation Notebook by: Mary Amato


Holiday Hours

Publish Date:
September 2010

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First Slurpy is stolen, the other things in Mrs. Blackwell’s classroom start to disappear. Odder still, whoever is committing these crimes leaves a note written in poetry – right at a time when the class is working on a poetry until. Whatever is going on, Edgar has it all covered in his crime investigation notebook – but so does Patrick Chen, who has copied him and is trying to solve the case first, with unfair help from his Professor father.  Yet as Edgar observes his surroundings, keeps his notebook, and tries his hand at poetry, he not only notices many interesting things about his classmates but learns quite a bit about himself as well. This warm and humorous story puts writing, friendship, and mystery all into an accessible chapter book.

Review: Edgar is a very inquisitive and intelligent kid and when a mystery presents itself to be solved in his own classroom he's up for the challenge! He just has to watch out for Patrick Chen, who is trying to steal his thunder. However, it'll be Edgar's powers of observation and his new-found friendships will help him gain the advantage (hopefully!).

This is a cute and heartwarming mystery that is a great read for all ages. I hope it'll also stir an interest in poetry in those who read it. Keep an eye out for the famous references and enjoy the ride along with Edgar as he sniffs out the clues to solving this mystery!


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