Book Review: Dark Song by: Gail Giles


Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

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September 7, 2010

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Dark has a sound. A song.

Marc said he heard that darkness when he creeped houses, when he stood over people while they slept. The song the predator's heart sings when it hears the heart of the prey.

Ames is not the person she was a few months ago. Her father lost his job, and her family is crumbling apart. No more private school, cushy mansion, or best friend to hand, all she has is Marc.

Marc, who loves her more than anything. Marc, who is obsessed with his gun collection. Marc, who won't let anyone stand in his way where Ames is concerned - especially her parents. Mom and Dad, role models of lies and self-absorption, aren't exactly innocent...but is Ames prepared to commit the ultimate betrayal against them?

Review: Ames started out as a spoiled princess, but never thought she was until her world fell apart around her. Then her so-called friends couldn't be seen with someone whose family is being torn apart and no longer fits into their perfect, rich world. Ames now has an understanding of how things really work and also finds out that her parents aren't the people she thought they were.

Now she's thrust into a new place, new people, and part of her family she'd thought were dead. Now the only person in the whole wide world who even acts like he cares about Ames is Marc. It doesn't matter that he gets insanely angry and jealous, to Ames it shows how much he loves her. It doesn't matter that he has a gun collection and hangs out with a nasty crowd - he's always there when she calls. But can she take the ultimate step away from her family? Can she betray them worse than they've ever betrayed her....?

This is a powerful and moving book about the power we give to others and the consequences of the choices we make. Ames is just looking for a refuge and she finds it in Marc - she goes along with what he wants because she doesn't want to lose the feeling that someone totally and completely cares about her. At any age, you can confuse love and caring for obsessiveness and manipulation. This chilling tale of abuse, pain, and loss will open your eyes to another world. You can see through Ames' eyes exactly why it's so hard for women (and men) who are in this type of relationship to do the right thing - leave.


  1. Wow...sounds like a powerful book indeed. Great points made in your review though...especially about the "confusion" of feelings and "women and men". This may be one of those fictional reads that helps a lot of those experiencing something similar in real life. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Very powerful book, I agree. I really enjoyed it as well. Great review.

  3. Powerful and dark book but I liked it.

  4. When I hear the word "powerful" used to describe a book, I know it must be good. But to see it written 3 or 4 times you have to add to whatever wish list you have. I know I am.
    Great review!


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