Authors After Dark Awesomeness and Giveaway!

So, as many of you know from my numerous tweets I was lucky enough to go to the Authors After Dark convention in NJ this year. In this post I am going to share with you SOME of the things I did and that happened (it would take too long to list them all). At the end of the post there will be a giveaway for you 

Ok...where to start is now the question. I met some fabulous bloggers at the event, peeps like Robin from Intense Whisper, Jojo from JoJo's Book Corner, Larissa from Larissa's Life, Joy from Joyfully Reviewed, Ali from SimplyAli, and Sarah from Smart Bitches and the authors, Leanna Renne Heiber, Stella Price, Jacqueline Frank, Bianca D'Arc, Joey W. Hill, Caridad Pineiro and Jess Haines. There were more but I met a million and half people in 3 days and have NO memory, so if I left you off, I am so sorry!

Let's continue...

The first night I was there everyone just settled in, but I helped get everything set up (I hung out and stalked Stella around the entire event ;). The next day was awesome, the food was great...there were so many people to meet and talk to and everyone was so happy. Let's see this puts us at Friday, so Friday night we played games, drank, and hung out, oh and there was a chocolate fountain and I came home with this: *WARNING: THIS IS A PIC OF A TATTOO, SO DON'T LOOK IF YOU ARE SQUEEMISH* The pink and shiny parts were the fresh ones, the other two I already had. He did an excellent job, I would link his page, but I can't find it. Moving on....

The next day (Saturday) I collected more books, some from my super cool blogger bag, some signed by authors at the event, and some won in the basket raffle.

There are also these....for you ALL!!!! Oh and yes, those are TWO ARCs of Jacqueline Frank's upcoming titles 'Drink of Me' and 'Seduce Me in Dreams' and all the books in the second pic plus a couple in the first are signed by the authors :)

Ok, and on we go, Saturday night there was a masquerade party where I danced with everyone, had a blast, and then went to an after party! I was Queen Mab for my costume (theme was fav literary characters).

Oh and I GOT TO MEET PERCY PARKER from Leanna Renee Heiber's 'Strangely Beautiful' series!!!

Hmm...Sunday was pretty great too, I luckily did not have a hangover and ate a fabulous breakfast and collected more books when I won the gift basket raffle. There was also a super cool auction and some hanging out before it was time to pack up and leave. I had SOOO much fun at this event.

*Stand on soap box*

This convention is one of the BEST I have ever been too...I came home with all the stuff below, some great new friends and contacts. I sat on the floor and chatted with Leanna Renee Heiber, I ate dinner with Joey W. Hill, I danced with Caridad DO NOT get this kind of attention at any other convention...and the cost was just 140$ (which includes registration, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and a breakfast, oh...and alcohol). YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!!! 

*Jumps off soap box*

You should check out the Authors After Dark site and look out for registration for next year in Philly. Register quick after opening because they are going to max it out to keep the small atmosphere. I will be there next year and EVERY year after that. I had so much fun! I hope to see and meet you there next year...P.S. Fabulous perks for bloggers at this event!!! Always a bonus!


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  1. Holy Crap!!! You hit the mother load. Although, I have many of those books there are some there that I am just fricken green with envy. I know you went home quite pleased with your self.

  2. Hey Monica! Just poppin in to say I love meeting you at AAD. I cannot wait till the rest of my books arrive here. If not soon I will begin stalking the mailman! See you next year! I should bring you a CD of the Escape Club!

  3. OMG this is so awesome! Wow! I'm glad you had fun and the pics look great...I can't believe you got all that for that little amount of money!

  4. Holy crap Monica! I looove your new ink, I want pics when it's healed!

  5. /Envious!!
    Very nice ink work,and really cool that he added to previous work. [a lot of artists won't do that] Hope I get 2 go next year & he's there. I saw some tweets he had really good rates. As for the books..what a haul.. you hit the jack pot.
    Joey's books are fantastic, I love the Vampire Queen series. Jacqueline Frank's are right up there. My favorites of her's are the Shadowdwellers. Can't wait to try her new ones. Been a long time since I got one of Kate Douglas' but she's really good as well.. Your going to have a fantastic time reading...
    Glad to hear you got to meet such a great list of people.
    Many Many Thank You's for sharing the book wealth with everyone... You'll have 2 be a Jinn next year for granting wishes :)

  6. Wow! Great stuff! Green here for certain - I am running over to the Authors After Dark site now! Hope to go next year!

  7. All the awesomeness you met. What a fabulous opportunity!

  8. Had a blast at AAD and it was so awesome to meet you! I hope we get to see each other soon.

  9. Thanks so much. Wish I could go!

  10. Awesome giveaway! Sounds like so much fun, wish I could go!

  11. Looking so forward to seeing you again next year! We all had such a good time. It was like getting together with DA GURLS!!

  12. Wow you got some great books!
    Sue B

  13. sounds like you had a ton of fun! AAD looks like a blast.

    Pam S
    pams00 @

  14. Glad to hear you had alot of fun!

    Wow what a great stack of books!

  15. Looks like you had a fabulous time.

  16. You had an amazing time with the Authors you met and Holy Crap is right with that stash you took home. :) Lucky, lucky you.
    Great tats by the way. I'm in Jersey and can't believe I missed it. But I'm going next year for sure.
    Carol L.

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