Book Review: Smudge's Mark by: Claudia Osmond


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March 2, 2010

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Simon is a fourteen-year-old Orphan with No Options: an O.W.N.O. "Oh no" pretty much sums up his life. He's stuck in Grimstown with his prank-pulling grampa and a housekeeper-slash-nanny from you-know-where. Worse, Simon can't remember a thing about his childhood. Then one night a bizarre dream unlocks some of those forgotten memories, leaving Simon with half of a key in his pajama pocket and a growing awareness that he's in the middle of a dangerous plot that threatens to destroy Emogen, a hidden realm connected to Earth. In order to save Emogen - and his best friend - from a deadly curse. Simon needs to find out who he really is. But can he discover his true identity before it's too late?

Review: Simon lives with his deranged grandfather and a horrible housekeeper, Griselda, who punishes him by making him do awful things. He has no memory of his childhood or family, but starts having these strange and terribly beautiful dreams. One night, an angel gives him a special object that magically comes through to the real world with him when he wakes up. Griselda sends him off to an orphanage while his grandfather is out and he finds a portal into a world he never knew existed. Now he must fulfill his hero’s journey and learn what is real and illusion.

Simon (Smudge) is a smart boy who doesn’t know why he can’t remember his parents and why he ended up with his grandfather and the horrible woman who is supposedly there to take care of the house. Smudge is inquisitive and loves to draw, but when he sketches his drawings start to tell a new and frightening story. This is a great and richly detailed story that pulls you in from the first sentence until you’re on the edge of your seat biting your nails as you reach the epic conclusion.

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  1. Great review, this sounds like a fun story. I`m adding to my wish list!


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