Book Review: Out of Eden by: Beth Ciotta


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Publish Date:
April 1, 2010

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Mass Market Paperback

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Sometimes paradise isn't all it's cracked up to be...

That's what I, Kylie McGraw, have discovered since sacrificing my dreams of traveling the world to run the family shoe store. But if I have my way, peaceful Eden, Indiana, is in for a major shake-up...

It all began on my birthday, when I got drunk and disorderly all over Eden's hunky police chief (and my former high school crush), Jack Reynolds. Then I may have, in my Cosmo haze, witnessed a murder in progress. Now I'm almost certain I'm being stalked by the mod, while he-of-the-distracting-abs Jack continues to think I'm nuts. However, there comes a time when a girl has to kick off her sensible shoes (size 7, cushion insoles) and go after what she wants. So if I can just survive long enough to put on my sexy new red heels, that's exactly what I intend to do...

Review: It’s her birthday and Kylie McGraw decides it’s high time to shake things up and turn her life on its ear. Since she can’t have her trip to Asia, she wants the next best thing – something new! She redecorates the family’s shoe store and that’s just the beginning of her antics. Her old crush (and her brother’s best friend) is back in town as the new sheriff. Where there is smoke, there’s fire, and it’s red hot in Eden, IN.

This is a sweet, funny, and hot romantic comedy. The secondary characters are just as fun and engaging as the primary ones. At first there seems to be too many small stories going on, but they come together beautifully and with such tenderness. This is a heartwarming and lovely story that just pulls you in from Kylie’s first crazy scheme.

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  1. Hm, not really into romance but that sounds kinda cute. :D


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