Book Review: Infinite Days by: Rebecca Maizel


St. Martin's Griffin

Publish Date: 
August 3, 2010

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Trade Paperback

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After centuries of terrorizing Europe, Lenah Beaudonte, with the help of the handsome Rhode, has been able to realize the dream of all vampires - to be human again. Now, as a raven-haired, sixteen-year-old, Lenah believes her greatest challenge is fitting in at her new school. But the challenges have only begun. The vicious coven Lenah once ruled is threatening the new-found pleasures of her human life, including the one guy who makes her feel most alive, Justin. Can this ex-vamp survive in an alien time and place or will her past come back to haunt her...forever?

Review: What if you could start over? What if you could have a brand-new life and wipe away all your sins? Lenah was a vampire queen for many centuries and then, with the help of her best friend and sometimes lover, she becomes human again. Lenah must learn to live again as a human, having social interactions, and even falling in love.

I enjoyed reading about Lenah's transformation and I was a bit surprised how 'easy' and fast Lenah adjusted to human life. You'd think after 3+ centuries, it would take a little while longer for her to acclimate. Overall, I enjoyed this book and got drawn into Lenah's rediscovery of human life - the sights, scents, and feelings.

Vampire Queen Series: Infinite Days (1), Stolen Night (2)


  1. I really enjoyed this book as well, and thought it was so original! Glad you liked it so much! Wonder what the author is going to do in her next book? Can't wait!

  2. Definitely can't wait to read this one. Thanks for the review.


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