Book Review: The Druid Isle by: Ellen Evert Hopman


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April 1, 2010

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For Aife, the beautiful adopted daughter of Drui healer Ethne and her warrior partner Ruadh, life revolves around the sacred beauty and ancient mystery of the Old Ways. Surrounded by lush, green trees and frolicsome wildlife, the Forest School has been the heart of her Druidic education - and her beloved home. But to become a healer and priestess, she must leave behind all that she loves and journey to the Druid Isle...

Handsome and spirited, Lucius is resolved to seek adventure outside of the Christian monastery where he was raised. Following a daring escape one night, Lucius arrives at a Pagan Gaulish village and discovers their gentle ways of life. But a political firestorm is brewing, and Lucius is caught in the middle as the church and the Romans attempt to destroy everything the Druids hold dear. In his desperation to escape ruthless enemies and untold dangers, Lucius finds himself on the Druid Isle, where he will face the biggest decision of his life.

Review: Druids are mysterious to outsiders, feared and demeaned by the Church, and therefore their way of life was sought to be destroyed. "The Druid Isle" is a novel following Aife and Lucius, two individuals who find themselves on the Druid Isle, in the third century AD. This book, the sequel to Priestess of the Forest, follows the lives of the druid healer Ethne and her partner, Ruadh, as well introducing the new characters of Aife, their foster-daughter who is studying to be a druid, and Lucius, a young monk with a mysterious past.

This is a fast-paced and mesmerizing story with strong character development. It’s also a good book if you want to know about the Druid way of life – in practice, not just in theory. It’s beautiful the way that they live their lives in harmony. I’m not saying that their way of life is perfect, but just because they believed, worshiped, and lived differently than others doesn’t give those others the right to torture and destroy them (sorry, this is definitely one of my ‘soapbox’ issues). This is a spellbinding story which is a treat to read and definitely a keeper!

Druid Series: Priestess of the Forest (1), The Druid Isle (2), Priestess of the Fire Temple (3)


  1. I've always found Druids fascinating. Thanks for the review; I never would have heard of this one otherwise.

  2. awesome review!! the druid aspect sounds really interesting!!

  3. I'm definitely interested in reading book 1, thanks for the review that got me started.


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