Book Review: Children of the Dawnland by: Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear



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July 7, 2009

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Twig is a talented Dreamer. Sometimes she has spirit dreams—dreams that come true. But her mother has always discouraged Twig from exploring her powers for fear that they would turn her strange, like the reclusive witch-woman Cobia.

When Twig begins to have recurring nightmares about a green light exploding from the sky and causing widespread destruction, she must find the courage to defy her mother and learn to become a Spirit Dreamer. Helping Twig on her quest are her best friend, Greyhawk, and Screech Owl, a shaman who has been banished from the village. Together, they must persuade their people to leave the land of their ancestors and journey to the mysterious Duskland, far from only home they’ve ever known. Can Twig convince the Elders that she is a true Spirit Dreamer—before it’s too late?

Review: Children of the Dawnland is set 13,000 years ago in the northeast corner of North America, amidst a landscape dominated icebergs and wild animals. Twig, our heroine, is the daughter of her tribe’s shaman (Spirit Dreamer) and an unnamed father. Greyhawk is her best friend who is training to be a warrior, but doesn’t feel like he’s very good at it. The story is about coming of age and the end of an era. Twig is a strong Spirit Dreamer, even without training, and sees a great disaster about to befall her people. Along with Greyhawk, she must follow her dreams to save her loved ones from both man-made and natural disasters.

I greatly enjoyed this book and thought that it was wonderful how the writers didn’t “write down” to or oversimplify for their main audience – children. While there is mention of violence, it isn’t graphic and integrates well into the story. I think this is a good book for kids who have an interest in Native American history. It will make them want to find out more. It very well-written and historically as accurate as can be. Another wonderful addition to the Gears' bibliography.


  1. I would absolutely love this book, plus I'm Native Canadian.
    Great review, I'm adding to my wish list!

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  3. These are my favorite authors. I honestly think they are unable to write a bad book.


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