Book Review: Caressed By Ice by: Nalini Singh

Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changelings, Book 3)

Publisher: Berkley

Publish Date: 4 September  2007

Origins: Purchased

Format: Paperback

Blurb: Brenna, a she-wolf Psy, was abducted by a serial killer-and returned a monster. The only person who can help her is Judd, a telekinetic and Council defector. But the passion burning between them could push them both over the edge of sanity.

Review in 5: Hot, Fast Paced, and Action Packed.

Review: I am falling more and more in love with Nalini Singh with everything she writes. I am not even exaggerating. I have read three books in this series so far and each one is better than the last. I know that I already can't wait to read the book with Hawke, and I already have a good idea who is going to end up with.

I love the characters in every book I read, these even more than most. All of the books in this series are very character oriented. Ms. Singh lets you ease into knowing each character and forming a bond with them and that is very important in every book I read. I love the slow simmering heat that Ms. Singh builds in her characters as well, she doesn't jump right in, you learn exactly how the main characters operate and why they love each other.

Writing. I realize from this book that Ms. Singh is all about making her story realistic, sometimes to the detriment of her characters health or sanity. Brenna is a perfect example of that, she is broken and learns to heal herself before she can let another person in her life. She also has no problem massacring her minor characters either...there was so sadness in this story, definitely off-set by the beautiful love being built.

The plot in this book is very action-packed and fast-paced, there is so much going on at all times but it's very easy to follow. I love the way the changeling show the Psy who is boss and I love that Judd (even though I hate his name) is pretty kick ass. There is something for everyone in this story, great love, great action, great plot, great characters and freaking hot sex.

Series: Psy-Changeling Series: Slave to Sensation (1), Visions of Heat (2), Caressed by Ice (3), Mine to Possess (4), Hostage to Pleasure (5), Branded By Fire (6), Blaze of Memory (7), Bonds of Justice (8), Play of Passion (9)

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  1. I get so excited when I read about other people really liking this series, it's one of my favorites!


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