Book Review: Butterfly by: Sonya Hartnett


Candlewick Press

Publish Date:
August 24, 2010

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Here is Plum Coyle, on the threshold of adolescence, striving to be new. Her fourteenth birthday is approaching: her old life and her old body will fall away, and she will become graceful, powerful, at ease. Her beautiful neighbor Maureen will begin to show her how she might fly. The older brothers she adores will court catastrophe in worlds she barely knows exist. And her friends - her worst enemies - will tease and test, smelling weakness. They will try to lead her on and take her down.

Review: I couldn't get into this book at all. Plum is a odd teenager, strange and awkward (more so than most). I didn't have any sympathy or empathy for her at all, perhaps because I saw some of myself in her. Give it a try - you might like it more than I did!


  1. I read this book, and was very engaged in it. It was quite relatable and very philosophical, like most of the Hartnett books. I definitely recommend it, although it may not be for everyone and certainly leaves you wondering.


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