Book Review: A Blue So Dark by: Holly Schindler



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May 1, 2010

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Mom knew that the mermaids - hand-carved from driftwood by the owner of a souvenir shop - were all I wanted to take home from Florida. as she bought them, she looked down at me, her eyes not just glittering but snapping with fire like two Fourth of July sparklers. She ran her finger down the length of my nose, almost like you'd stroke a favorite pet, and said to the salesman, "We're just alike, me and Aura."

And you know, back then, the idea of that didn't scare the absolute hell out of me.

Review: Aura is a high-school girl, who has to take care of her schizophrenic mother. Her dad abandoned them years ago, she has no other family, and she’s got to hide how bad everything is from her mom’s employer and her school. But she’s running out of excuses and has nowhere to turn. Aura's protectiveness of her mother and their situation proves her worth as an incredibly strong, well-written heroine. Her fear that she too will become sick like her mother causes her to make some reckless decisions.

This is sometimes a really sad book, but full of beautiful imagery. Everyone involved has to deal with the events and put their lives back together, but thankfully you’re not left with an ambiguous ending. The story is emotional, powerful, and deep. Ms. Schindler does a wonderful job of writing the thoughts and feelings that create Aura’s world. As someone who has dealt with parents who have mental illness, this is a book I felt at home in.


  1. Great Review. I love the title of this and it sounds a good read.


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