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I am just taking the time to represent the other half of The Bibliophilic Book Blog tonight. So...you might be saying "Huh?" well...let me introduce to you (if I haven't already, I don't remember) 

So my faithful readers you may be wondering what the heck is Romance Book Tours about...well, I shall inform you...prepare to be dazzled!

I love ARC tour sites, I think they are great to build relationships between bloggers, they are a great way to spread out the uses of one single book, and they are good for the environment by sharing with your fellow bloggers! One thing I noticed though, was the lack of a romance tour sites. There are lots of wonderful YA tour sites that I adore, some adult lit sites, some eclectic tour sites...all kinds, but not one Romance. I love romance so I figured, why not? With the help of my lovely friend Shannon, from Chick Loves Lit, the site was born.

Ok, so maybe I didn't dazzle you but I believe I efficiently explained the birth of Romance Book Tours! So...I need people to come check out the site, follow, show some love, donate romance ARCs if you would be so kind (I'll even work trades, I have lots of books *wink, wink*) So please...click the link, check out the site and email me that info about ARCs! monicaannkoetz@gmail.com or romancebooktours@gmail.com.

As always thank you for your continued support of my blog and for your support as a community and as friends! I heart you all!

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  1. Awesome idea and one I will be keeping an eye on! Well done!


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