Book Review: From Hell With Love by: Simon R. Green



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June 1, 2010



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It’s no walk in the bloody park, being a Drood – one of the family who has protected ordinary humanity from the things that go bump in the night for centuries. We’re not much liked – by those things whose arses we kick regularly, by ungrateful ordinary humanity, or even by one another.

Now our Matriarch is dead. Murdered. Maybe by one of us. Maybe not.

It’s been left up to me, Eddie Drood, acting head of the family, to figure out whodunit. And that’s not going to be very easy. You see, opinion is divided evenly between two camps of thought: those who think my best girl, Molly, was actually the killer and those who think I was actually the killer.

And I know for a fact that I didn’t do it.

Review: The Drood family had been working in the shadows for centuries to keep humanity safe and yet they’re still hated by so many (but it would be almost everyone if they knew everything the Droods have done over the years). Eddie Drood starts out in LA meeting up with a cousin to stop Doctor Delirium from getting the Apocalypse Door.  Doctor Delirium had just been a two-bit villain who couldn’t evil his way out of a paper bag (reminding me of Dr. Doofenshmirtz), but he’s now teamed up with some pretty serious characters. Everything seems to hit the fan at once at Drood Hall – the Matriarch murdered, the family whipped up into a frenzy, and traitors on the inside. Seems like a typical day in Eddie Drood’s life.

I absolutely love the over the top characters and situations that Eddie finds himself dealing with. This is a great book to sit back, grab some popcorn, and dig into. There’s always a bunch of twists and turns – every one of them bigger and twistier than the next. All the characters are larger than life and none as much so as Eddie. I find his adventures to be entertaining and I love the one-liners! I love this series and, of course, the shticky takes on the James Bond film titles as book titles.

Secret Histories Series: The Man with the Golden Torc (1), Daemons are Forever (2), The Spy Who Haunted Me (3), From Hell with Love (4), For Heaven's Eyes Only (5), Live and Let Drood (6)

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  1. I just finished ready "Spy" and will probably buy this one ... only because the Matriarch got her just desserts? Green sort of foreshadowed the new book in "Spy".

    That said, I think Green's style is growing more ponderous compared to the light-footed Nightside series.


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