Book Review: The Chill of Night by: James Hayman


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June 22, 2010

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Beautiful, brilliant, and ambitious, Lainie Goff has overcome a nightmarish past to achieve remarkable success as a young attorney on the fast track to a partnership at one of the most respected law firms in New England. Then one cold night, the secrets of her past come hurtling back when she’s found stabbed to death, her frozen body discovered in the trunk of her own car, abandoned at the end of the Portland Fish Pier.

The only witness to the crime is a mentally ill young woman named Abby Quinn, who tries desperately to tell police what she has seen. Because of Abby’s illness, no one in the department believes what she says. Until she, too, disappears.

As Portland homicide detective Michael McCabe begins his investigation, he learns there may be more to Goff than meets the eye. Not only had she been having an affair with a partner at her firm, she had also been creating enemies closer to home.

Struck by a remarkable resemblance between Goff and his own ex-wife, McCabe is forced to grapple with memories of his failed marriage as he races to find Lainie’s killer – before Abby Quinn is slain.

Review: The police receive an ordinary call - an abandoned car on the pier – but this car contains something a bit out of the ordinary…a dead woman. Detectives Michael McCabe and Maggie Savage lead the investigation into the homicide of a young attorney, Lainie Goff – a woman with secrets and a lot of baggage. McCabe is a good cop with his own baggage, but he is unrelenting in his search for the truth and won’t just take the easy answers others would.

This is an entertaining detective story where the characters seem real with their quirks and issues. The descriptions make the people come to life – their thoughts and feelings stay with you. I liked this book because it’s not often that I read a mystery where I don’t figure out the who (not always the why though) before the ending is read. I like the writing style – more gritty and realistic (not necessarily graphic – totally different) and I was pleased by how well everything came together.

Det. Michael McCabe Mysteries: The Cutting (1), The Chill of Night (2)

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  1. I like mystery murders and this would go on my list of TBR. Thanks.


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