Book Review: Beautiful Malice by: Rebecca James

Beautiful Malice: A Novel

Publisher: Bantam

Publish Date: 13 July 2010

Origins: LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Format: Paperback

Blurb: After her once perfect family is torn apart by an unthinkable tragedy, Katherine Patterson wishes she could disappear. Instead she makes a drastic move – beginning her lie over again in a new city. There she finds the last thing she expected: a friend. Katherine’s new friend is everything Katherine is not. Extroverted, gorgeous, and popular. Alice Parrie is as unpredictable as she is unsettling, as exciting as she is irresistible. She becomes close to Katherine as a sister can be. But Alice has secrets darker than anyone can imagine, and Katherine will soon discover the darkest of them all.
For Katherine Patterson, there is no escaping her past – only a descent into a trap far more sinister…and infinitely more seductive.

Review in 5: Creepy, Sinister, Exciting, Addictive, Engrossing

Review: Katherine has a horrible secret about the night her sister died. She’s moved away from home, living with her aunt, and reinvented herself so that the looky-loos and reporters can’t find her to harass her non-stop as they did right after her sister’s death.

Katherine doesn’t really have any friends at her new school and she stays apart from the other students. Until Alice. Katherine lets Alice into her life because Alice is charming, charismatic, and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Katherine starts to see another side of Alice – the vindictive, jealous, hurtful side. Alice tries to make up for her “mistakes” with extravagant (and quite empty-feeling) displays of wealth and power. Things start adding up for Katherine – into a disturbing view of someone who was supposed to be her best friend. And Alice’s big secret is revealed at the expense of people’s lives.

Alice seriously creeped me out! All the characters were well written and the world disappeared from around me as I fell into the book headfirst. I felt like Alice was bipolar, but even if she was, she was also seriously twisted and enjoyed every minute of the game she was playing. It was interesting to see how well the author brought together all the strands of Alice’s twisted mind and the resounding effect she had on everyone around her. Beautiful Malice is an aptly named book which will have you looking twice at the people around you. Things are never as they seem.


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  1. Wow-this one borders on psychological thriller, me thinks!


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