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Every once and awhile I get contacted by companies and programs to try out products and none so far except the CSN stores have enticed me to give in. They recently started a program in which bloggers have the opportunity to offer giveaways and reviews of usually their choice of product from the website. Last time I talked about lights, this time I am going to talk about a vanity

You may not know this but vanities are very important to readers and book bloggers everywhere. They have to be strong and sturdy enough to hold numerous books, drinks, paperwork, and all the randomness we all do before bed. My poor vanity is a cheap put together one that looks like a train hit it. I have a pretty African jewelry box my friend brought back from Africa, lotions, numerous books, papers, pens, various hair accouterments. Name it, and it if probably on mine. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING!!! Wait, a vanity is that thing that goes in your bathroom for your sink and such, yes it is! bedside table is an old put together vanity, aaaaahhh, you see where I am going now. Vanities can be made of anything and many pieces of furniture for your home can be made out of anything....just when I look at bedside tables and bedroom furniture I don't just look specifically for pieces that are called those things. Meh...just a little something else odd you didn't know about me ;) I think that is all for today's randomness.

Also be sure to check out the CSN stores site, they have some pretty cool stuff there, and it actually is pretty affordable!

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  1. My bedside table sounds like your vanity! Covered in all my important, can't live without, items.
    I love CSN and am currently contemplating what I'm going to review. I CANNOT make up my mind!


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