ALA Day One

Evening Peeps!

I am now home from ALA10 day one! I have pictures of loot and some frustrations to we go!

I am being super lazy so I am not going to list all of these for can see what I got hopefully...I will probably edit to list at a later date. I am SUPER excited about the 'The Muppets King Arthur' I had to buy it but...totally worth it! OMG! Anway, I also picked up a signed copy of Infinite Days (YES!) and I got an extra copy of Beautiful Darkness to giveaway (don't worry, there were plenty there). On to frustrations...

I am frustrated, imagine coming to ala all excited and ready to meet authors and publishers and such, walk up to the booth for your first signing and the lady says "10$ please" I look at her like, "WHAT?" apparently most of the publishers' signings you are required to buy the book right there at the booth and you can't bring your own from home either. This frustrates me for a number of reasons 1) There was no warning, I got nothing saying I would have to pay to go to the signings 2) I now have to buy a book that I might already own a copy of in order for you to sign it 3) There is no regularity, some booths have package deals, some you have to pay for by HC or PB and some are a flat rate the whole way across. I can understand if they need me to pay, cool, but I am angry I got no warning about this so I did not budget them into my schedule so I can't participate. I apologize if I am blowing this out of proportion but...I am just sad and angry, there are some books I really wanted to have signed...but I am going to have to hunt down the free ones (they do exist) it will just be some work...

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  1. I am going to keep this in mind for the future. I don't believe it is right to ask someone to pay for that, the book sells at an event like that should make up for the cost of the booth and if not, then it is still able to be written off as marketing and publicity. If I am ever an author at an event of that type, I am not asking someone to buy it then and there, especially if they already have a copy with them which already proves their loyalty to the author. Amazing loot! I am so jealous. I am really looking forward to Beautiful Darkness, Wildwing and Pegasus. Looking forward to seeing your reviews.

    Emma Michaels

  2. I think you are in the right to be frustrated. There should have been warning because then you would have adjusted a budget and then you could have left your own books at home!

    Sorry to hear that but thank you for sharing. I have never been to any kind of convention like such so I will have to remember this!

  3. I'm going on Sunday, so I'm super psyched! I'm off to double-check I have all the awesome books you got on my wishlist, hehe. :D

    Though, wow. I've heard they sell books though you HAVE to buy a book? I was planning on bringing my own for a couple, but I guess not. Awesome loot though! I can't believe I forgot to add Pegasus to my want list, hehe. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  4. There really should be warnings about that so you will not be so surprised.That was UN called for.


  5. I would be frustrated to with no advance warning.

    You did get some great loot though--good job :)

  6. Yah, that's jacked up. You should not have to buy the book twice in order to have it signed. Fans should be honored and appreciated, so if someone comes with a book that book should be signed. Despite your frustration, you managed a nice haul! Holy mackerel. I can't wait for your Beautiful Darkness giveaway--That was the first title I recognized in your photo.

    Hope your experience gets better!

  7. When I went last year it wasn't so bad... I did pay for some but they were way low prices like $5 for a HC and $2 for a PB and that was only for finished copies. From your stacks I can jealously see you have Rangers Apprentice #9!!! *want* and also the new Charles DeLint book - The Painted BOy - which I just heard about today! V. jealous and I hope you still have fun even with ppl charging for books.

  8. In most cases, $10 is a good deal, but communication is the key! They need to let people know the rules beforehand. What a nasty surprise.

  9. I have gone to several book festivals where there were author signings. Never were you forced to pay for signings. Buying the book there is obviously encouraged (and I usually do buy the book there), but being forced to is a whole other story. I get why they would do that, but to do it without telling so is down right wrong.

  10. That is crazy. I can't believe there was no consistency... wait, yes I can. It has something to do with a school system, somehow, so there MUST be inconsistencies!! Haha... I teach, so I can honestly say that! I am glad that you got lots of loot and soooooooooooooo jealous of you and Beautiful Darkness!! I should have just driven up there with my 4 year old and 11 month old in tow... now THAT would have been fun! haha!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm with you: they had to advise you, but it is no fair anyway, you had the book already!


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