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Bloggiesta To-do List

Below are what I accomplished and did not accomplish that I will try to get to this week though. I only had like one day and an evening in my defense :) Great job to everyone who participated!!
  1. Finish organizing books that need reviewed in spreadsheets.
  2. Organize bookmarks.
  3. Organize address book and publicity contact list./li>
  4. Add ratings to review archive.
  5. Make a by author list for review archive.
  6. Make series lists in review archives.
  7. Find something better than Google Reader
  8. Cull books yet again :(oddball)
  9. Post CSN reviews
  10. Post Star's two reviews
  11. Start Link up post for June's link up reviews.
  12. Letter to a character post for Harper Collins.
  13. Mail Blog Tour Books.
  14. Set up Guest Blog posts from Smexy and Katibabs.
  15. Get background fixed.
  16. Clean out GR starred folder.
  17. Update Blogroll
  18. Post Giveaway Winners

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  1. Good luck, Monica! Hope you get all accomplished :-)

  2. Good luck :) I hope you enjoy your weekend

  3. You have lot on your to-do list! Best of luck in meeting your goals.

  4. Great list. I need to get on this too

  5. I adore your blog header. Good luck with your weekend goals.

  6. Good luck this weekend, hope you get through the list!

    I'm excited that you're having your ratings posted next to the reviews on your archive, because I look through your list occasionally for recs when I'm in the mood for romance :)

  7. Good luck, Monica! You have a great list of to-dos!

  8. I could never get used to Google Reader. I've been using Bloglines for year and love it.

    Great list! I hope you get to accomplish everything on your list!

  9. Is the week-end long enough to get all that done?

  10. Good luck, but I don't think the week-end is long enough to get all of it done.

  11. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    @Kay your doubt wounds me! I will get all this done without a Saturday (have to go see mom and fam) so...keep watching ;) Should see what I got done last Bloggiesta!

  12. Good luck with your goals! :)

  13. WOW, Monica, you are booking through that to do list!
    wAY TO GO!!

  14. You are making great progress on that list! have a great bloggiesta!

  15. I love seeing all those crossed off items on your to do list!

  16. Good evening!
    Because I LOVE your blog I've given you an award on my site - Hott Books come and check it out!

  17. Looks like you've gotten a good start on your list. I'm finding the more I get done the more I want to do.

  18. I see that you have completed almost every task!!

    Good luck with the rest!


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