And Then There Was Light...

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I got many requests to start making more personal posts on my blog, I am taking this as what is going on in my day to day life and what it happening in my world that may or may not relate to books...this one will probably not feature books never know with me.

I got the wonderful opportunity to review some great products from the CSN stores. I am sure you have seen the absolutely amazing giveaways all over the web, well, I am completely in love with their lights selection. There are so many different lights to choose from is where I will get personal....I am so tired of the same old 12 dollar lamps I have around my house. NOT KIDDING. We have about 20 lamps that all cost about 12 bucks and they lean over because they are bent from being moved around. GAH.

My library is seriously lacking in lighting and I would love to install a chandelier or something pretty in it, but of course my husband decided to become a soldier instead of an electrician so he is unable to wire or hook one up :( Here is an example of a couple I want for my library:

(my library, or well half of it)

See, I totally included books in this post. Anyway, I now have to talk the hubs into hiring and electrician and buying me a pretty chandelier or have to talk him into learning how to do it...wonder which would be easier??

P.S. I may or may not purchase a light from the CSN store to review...still up in the air as I am indecisive :)

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  1. Getting the hubby to do electrical work...hmmmm. I married a grunt too, so maybe if the light was red and gold and had little guys with M16s on it...maybe. LOL

  2. Monica, from personal experience HIRE THE ELECTRICIAN once you buy the light fixture you want! If your sweetie does not do electrical work now you really do not want him starting with this project! It is not terribly "complicated" but it is dangerous!

    jackie b central texas

  3. My husband seems to think that he will be able to install a ceiling fan with lights in our bedroom at some point. Since he is completely not handy around the house, this scares me quite a bit!

    CSN stores are great, aren't they? I'm looking forward to getting a bookshelf to review soon :-)

  4. I love the down lights, I always think of silly things like how much dust would collect in the upward facing ones. Plus how hard it would be to change the bulbs. As far as hubby installing- uhh, don't think I'd risk it. lol

  5. I love the 2nd one. I have one of the others and it is soooo bright when I try to read.

    You have an amazing library!! I'd kill to have that many shelves lol.


  6. I am in awe of the 1/2 of your library that you shared in this post! How gorgeous and inspiring is that? You totally need lighting. I can't read if the lighting's not right. My husband can do electrical work, and he'd be the first to say that you shouldn't mess with electricity. Hire an electrician! Nice post.

  7. Love the glimpse of your library! Wish I had the wall space for more bookshelves...maybe the next house! Aren't the CSN stores great? I could spend hours looking through their various stores, drooling over all of their products!

    Good luck with finding the perfect light!

  8. I'm with Icedream, I prefer de first one.

  9. Both sets of lights are really pretty but I like the first the most. I am not familiar with CSN stores but I've been seeing them mentioned around the blogosphere. Are they kind of like IKEA?


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