Guest Post: My Favorite Historical Period by Jean Hart Stewart

A really fun topic for me. But hard to choose. I love the BC period in British history before Caesar came in and conquered the isles. I can’t help but wonder how England would have developed if Caesar hadn’t pretty effectively wiped out the ancient Druid religion and customs. By legend King Arthur was trapped between the two civilizations. He’d been raised by Merlin, a Druid priest, and married to Guinevere, a Christian. The conflict tore him apart and helped contribute to his downfall. Of course this is legend, and we can’t really know, which is why I can’t really pick it. If it’s just one period I’d go with twentieth century Britain. I like a little more certainty if we’re going to call it history.

Surely we have more reliable sources than legend to study in the twentieth century in Britain, although of course we still have conflicting reports. The Regency period fascinates me obviously, since The Third Rose is set in that period. It’s not regency except in the time frame, it doesn’t have any of the social mannerisms and is far too sexy to be called a regency. But the hero does get to Waterloo, and a lot of the suspense revolves around if he can crack the code and save Wellington. I think Wellington would have approved of Wolf, the hero, if he’d been really on his staff. Loyal, honorable and amorous. Although Wolf was a one-woman man, and Wellington was hardly that.The regency world was so sexual and cynical. Wives and husbands were seldom in love, marriage was all about furthering social connections. You have to admire how open the aristocracy was about their myriad sexual liaisons.

The age of Victoria is also a grabber, and is in a way a reaction to the profligacy of the regency period. Victoria herself is a puzzle. Repressed in childhood, she was a little horrified by Albert’s sexuality. Still she worshipped him after his death with a morbid fanaticism. Was some of that due to the fact she thought no man could ever measure up to him, in more ways than one? After so frequent sex needed (one would think) to have so many children, she must have. Did she miss that part of her life, even though she warned her daughters how distasteful sex was.

As you can see, while I love checking the facts, it’s the story behind the facts that gets me. How about you readers? Tell me what you like best about history. There’s so much to like. I’d love to know your viewpoint.

Blurb:When Sara Coverly hides in Lord Wolverton’s bedroom to avenge him for the rape of her friend, she is determined to shoot him so he can never ruin another female. Instead she finds herself wondering if she’s picked the wrong man! Wolf decides he needs a token fiancĂ©e to cover his tracks as he searches for a spy, and soon Sara finds herself helping him. And falling deeply in love.

Wolf’s espionage duties bring danger to them both. When he decodes a message threatening the assassination of Wellington at Waterloo, they both set out for Brussels to catch the villain.

Can their growing love endure through war, a desperate villain who is out to stop them, and Wolf’s determination to save Wellington at any cost?

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  1. I dont go for one particular period in history but several! I like them all.

  2. I love history because you can yous your day stuff you can't really Imogen as much.and the future is go to imagen two.

  3. Hi Monica, I just wanted to let you know that there's an award waiting for you over at my place.

  4. I love history because you can yous your imagination.
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