Book Review: Uncertain Magic by: Laura Kinsale


Publisher: Sourcebooks

Publish Date: Republished 2010

Origins: Publisher for Review

Format: Softcover

Blurb: Cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of those around her, Roderica is resigned to living without marriage or love. But when she finds one man’s thoughts closed to her, she takes her only chance on marriage with an enigmatic, impoverished lord, The Devil Earl, whose Irish estate is haunted by memories and faerie mists…

This is a romance with paranormal elements written before fantasy and paranormal was cool. The sidhe that briefly appear in Uncertain Magic are of the traditional Irish type, powerful and enigmatic

What would it really be like to know the minds of everyone around you?

Review in 5: Beautiful, Sexy, Magical, Desperate, and Hard to Put Down ;p

Review: Ok, first off let me say this: Faelan cool a hero name is that?? I love it. Anyway, this book starts a bit slow and ends a bit slow but everything in it is awesome. I can push through some slow parts for an excellent read and this is one. The main characters are still swimming around in my head after reading the book. I feel like I took the adventure with them and I am still breathless from having done so. Roddy and Faelan are desperate for each other and neither of them really know how much the other person really needs them. The reader sees it just fine but this is one of those books where you are yelling at the characters to stop being stupid. It doesn't work, save your breathe, they wouldn't listen.

There is so much passion between these two, I will say that. There is also magic both in the book and in the characters' feeling for one another. There are some WONDERFUL scenes in this book, to include a trip into fairyland and a sort of fairy ball. It is so cool, the wit and vision this author has. There is also some heartbreak in this book. You will almost tear up and yet again yell at the characters. Take a deep breathe, it will be alright. This is one of those books where the author has no problem torturing her characters and taking them to the brink, along with the reader. Can you ride along?

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  1. This sounds like such a fun and different romance. It's now on my wish list!

  2. This sounds great! Added to by TBR. Thanks!


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