Book Review: Pure Physique by: Michael Lipowski


Publisher: Price World Publishing

Published: 2010

Origins: Publisher for Review

Format: Large Softcover

Blurb: Written by Mike Lipowski, the trainer of Men's Fitness magazine's first-ever Fat to Fit Contest winner, Pure Physique is for anyone who has ever felt they should be getting more from their efforts in and out of the gym. This book contains the stuff that many of the so-called fitness 'professionals' either don't know, don't understand, or simply can't explain. 

Unlike most books in the exercise and nutrition market, Pure Physique addresses how to account for differences in needs, goals, abilities, limitations, and preferences. This book contains no fad diets or canned workout routines; it was designed with the individual in mind. Pure Physique is about YOU learning what YOU need to do to make continuous progress, reach your goals, and make everlasting changes. By looking at both the physical and psychological components of exercise and nutrition, you will finally be able obtain the leaner, more muscular body you've always wanted.

Review: I know this isn't the usual fare here at the Bibliophilic Book Blog but fitness is a major factor in my life because I am in the military. I am paid to stay in shape and be fit so these books were more for my personal enjoyment. I am reviewing them because some of you might care too.

This book is heavy on facts, stats, and numbers. Just be aware. The book is well written and has pretty sound facts and tips in it. The one thing I think I wished for were pictures, there are a lot of text and numbers in this book and no pictures to break it up. There are a ton of great motivational quotes through out the book as well. I really liked that aspect and the fact that the author goes into pretty hefty detail about everything having to do with fitness like cardio, water intake, how your body breaks up food and many more topics. If you want a great book on how to maximize fat loss. Pick this one up!

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