Book Review: Celebrity Body on a Budget by: Cornel Chin


Publisher: Price World Publishing

Published: March 2010

Origins: Publisher for Review

Format: Large Softcover

Blurb: Even in times as tough as these, you can still shape up like a celebrity, and you can do it without having to earn a celebrity paycheck. With over twenty years of experience in the field of fitness, Cornel Chin has used his unique training methods to train the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Firth, Audrey Tautou, and Tilda Swinton. Now, through Celebrity Body on a Budget, he unlocks the keys to low-cost or no-cost exercise solutions.

As a gym member, you will spend an average of 3% of your annual salary on the cost of your yearly membership. For many people, this is a high cost that can no longer be afforded or justified. With Celebrity Body on a Budget, you can still achieve that drop dead gorgeous celebrity body you have always admired and desired without having to break the bank.

Review: This book is pertinent for the same reason the other fitness book review is pertinent. I need to be fit, I like to read, why not mix? Anyway...this book is by far one of the best fitness books I have ever read. There are pictures, graphs, lists, and all kinds of fun tidbits and interesting facts to keep finding each time you read a new section.

I really enjoyed the different sections, the tips on saving money, and the section on how to fit workouts into your normal everyday life and work. Everything is easy to understand spelled out perfectly for the reader. This book had everything you can ask for about personal fitness in a nice  affordable package. Definitely pick it up if you are interested in fitness or getting into better shape, or in shape period.

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