Anger. Richeous Anger! Spread the Word!

Afternoon Readers,

I have an anger inside of me...let me explain.

I am angry for myself and for some lovely authors whom some (insert expletive here) sort of person is trying to screw over. Take a look at this, scroll down a bit after you get to the pages to take a peek at what I am sooo pissed about!

I was searching these because I saw some tweets about some jack...butt posting the books given out at BEA (most likely) on EBAY! These people who listed and the people who are bidding should all be drawn and quartered! Well, maybe not that dramatic but still...they should be ashamed of themselves. Why would you do this to the authors who take care of us readers so well and the publishers who provided these awesome books for us. What happens when they decide it isn't worth the hassle and stop sending bloggers ARCs, I would be sad but maybe that is what needs to happen so that these wonderful authors aren't getting screwed over. This is just as bad as ebook piracy...I just wish EBAY would take them down, I checked the policies on posting and can't find anything that I can report these on, so I am using my skillz to try and figure out who these people are and report them to the authors and publishers so they will no longer work with them. Make no mistake, I WILL find you!

I am sorry about the RANT but I am so angry about this!!!

Support this cause...go here and get a 'Respect ARCs" button.

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  1. Wow thats def. rediculous! Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. Nothing like abusing a privilege. Give'em "hell".

  3. Ok,just a flipside here.

    I live in the UK. I'm not a massive book blogger but the cost of going to an event like Bea for me would be prohibitive. But perhaps I really want to read and review a particular book on my blog for whatever reason. What's so bad about me buying this off ebay if I can? I'm still reviewing the book so it's serving it's purpose. Surely if I decide to pay for it, that's my descion. It certainly would cost less than travelling to US and staying in a hotel and the entrance fees to a huge expo like BEA for me.

    Plus, the selling of ARC on ebay has been going on for longer than there have been book bloggers.

    Maybe I'm jaded but I just can't seem to get that steamed about this.

  4. Because somebody else is gaining money for something that they got for FREE, and something that authors and publishers worked their tails off on. If anybody is getting a profit from that book, it should be the author/publishers, not BEA attendees who took advantage of the ARCs.

    This absolutely drives me crazy. It says right on the cover that it's not intended for sale. Grrr.

  5. @Sherry and @Kay Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Sayuri: First, I understand what you are saying. I personally look at it like the author is not getting paid their just dues for their work, the person selling it is circumventing the system and selling the books at an exorbitant price to make a profit but the author gets nothing and neither does the publishing company. The books say that they are not for sale on them and people should respect the wishes of the publisher when it is listed that way.

    Do you contact the publisher for ARCs, do you ask fellow bloggers to borrow their ARCs? These seem like better, easier, and less expensive ways to get a desired book than buying on Ebay. You can always send a fellow blogger the money it would cost to ship it to you when they are finished with it, or swap a book for the ARC you want. This is just what I think, but I understand your opinion as well. Thank you for commenting.

  6. I have to say, so new to blogging and with only one book review under my belt, I am stunned. Call it naive. This type of thing never crossed my mind. I was so honored to be sent an ARC. Whatever you need for support, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Thank you for raising awareness.

  7. @Katiedoll - If you got that arc at BEA then it wasn't free. Unless you live in NY there's travel to the venue, then accomodation and then entrence fees to the event. That's a lot of money. That's all I'm saying.

    @Monica - I understand why you feel so passionatley about this, I just can't seem to get the same head of steam up. ARC's are promotional tools. ANd they aren't plentiful either. There are many reasons for people buying arc's.

    They may be massive fans in which case they will more than likely buy the books again when they are released just to have them for thier collection. Can book bloggers say they same?

    It could be that someone buys it for review purposes. Not everyone can get ARC's as they are a finite resource. Maybe they don't have other bloggers to ask for swappsies. Maybe it's for a book group?

    I used to run a kids bookgroup when I worked for Borders, we had thirty members who would write reviews and we would display them on our review wall for other customers. It was an extremely popular feature in the kids dept and we sold a lot of books on the back of it. It was really difficult getting arcs for that to create some buzz for new books. Publishers may be really good at giving out ARC's for book blogs but for less traditional promotional avenues it's not so easy.

    I guess what I am getting at is, that there are many different reasons behind buying ARCs and just because some buys (or sells) an arc, it doesn't make then the devil.

    What if that person has not interest in reading that ARC? Has not intention of ever reading it? But for whatever reason came away with it at BEA? What's so wrong with selling it on to someone who more than likely will cherish it, or at least use it for the purpose it was intended.

    Yes, I know they are making money and they shouldn't really but that kind of thing has been going on for years.

    We sold promotional materials on ebay (bookmarks, posters etc) when I worked at Borders and we used the money for the kids bookgroup to pay for trips and pay for author visits. Was it illegal? Probably. Was it worth it when the kids got to meet and talk to one of their most favourite authors? Yes.

  8. Wow! I’m shocked and disgusted. Hopefully something can be done to make Ebay prohibit the selling of ARCs.
    The one with Torment (I think) listed has an Ebay store FULL of ARCs. This ranks high on my you should be ashamed of yourself scale.

  9. @Sayuri Do you also believe it is acceptable to rob a bank and steal innocent people's money in order to buy homeless people food?

    There are so many ways you can get an ARC...if you need one for a bookgroup, contact the publisher, if you want to read the book wait until it is released to the public. Many publishers are more than happy to provide review copies for bookclubs and groups. You can find contact information on EVERY publishers webpage.

    Also BEA is not free to travel there but it is your decision to do so and your commitment to the industry that makes you go for it. There are so many people who can't afford to go to BEA who are still able to get ARCs. If you don't know any book bloggers you can easily Google for MANY of them to speak with. Many bloggers donate or giveaway their ARCs after reading them.

    The point is the book says it is not for sale and the copyright in the first few pages of the book says it is not authorized for distribution, and the covers say NOT FOR SALE.

    I know people sell them all the time but that does not make it legal or right, in my own opinion.

    Again, thanks for commenting and keeping this discussion civil :)

  10. @Sayuri- I agree, and I see where you're coming from. But once again, that money spent on travel/entrance fees doesn't go to authors & publishers. This is just like selling bootlegged copies of movies; it's wrong.

    Not to mention the fact that this person is selling most of those ARCs at higher prices than the finished copies will probably be. It's just not fair to the people who worked so hard on the book.

    And looking at the ebay page .. this person lives in New York. So I doubt she had to pay an arm and a leg to get there.

  11. I just wrote a post on this as well! I think it is so wrong. The authors and publishers work their butts off for those ARCs and they never receive a dime when people sell them on ebay and such.

    Thanks for your great post and inspiring me to spread the word as well.

  12. I realize this is slightly off-topic, but what about ARC giveaways? The author isn't making profit off of those either, and yet they go on all the time. People get blog followers, ad revenue, attention and other benefits from those, and the author's book gets passed along to another person without the author receiving money. Does that get the same level of righteous anger?

    What about after the book comes out and it's no longer technically an "advance" copy? Would the rules of the game change at that point?

  13. Great post and yeah, thanks for getting this issue out there.

    Though possibly at least some of the bidders are NOT at fault, I'm sure one or two of them could have just stumbled across it, have no clue what an ARC means and thought "Hey! I'll buy this" without really knowing what they're doing, LOL :D

    It's a shame, really. :(

  14. I can't believe someone is selling ARC's on ebay. That is horrible.

    Not sure because I haven't really gave away any ARC's but don't most of you ask if its okay to give away your ARC of a book? Or do you just give it away? Just curious. :)

  15. I want the ARC button!! The link takes me to blogger...

  16. I don't think ARC giveaways should be compared to selling ARCs. To be honest, I think the attention and other benefits that bloggers are getting from giveaways.. authors are getting the same things out of it.

    I've accepted ARCs for review from lesser known publishing houses and after reviewing/loaning them to other bloggers, I've had an author tell me that I've helped her gain awareness on her novel. Bloggers are helping authors/publishers, and we're being generous when we offer them for giveaways. We don't HAVE to have contests; we could always just keep them instead of buying actual copies. But we're spending a few bucks out of our own wallets to pass them onto other eager readers.

    So I definitely don't think that you can relate giveaways to this. Not one bit. But that's just my two cents.

  17. Sayuri - I can't attend BEA either but that doesn't give me the want (or the desire) to illegally (keyword here) buy ARCs.

    Join an ARC tour. There a quite a few of them out there, international ones too.

    You can also go out and buy pot and crack cocaine. Doesn't make it right just because you can do it, does it?

  18. ¿What is an ARC?
    I understand that it is a free book for promotional porpuose, am I wrong?

    They gave you free books in the BEA?

    Now I´m really envy of you :o

  19. I don't see the fault with the bidders.. sorry I can imagine the majority are readers.. fans who never get a chance at an ARC otherwise..
    To me the fault lies fully with the Bloggers who are given privilaged access to these with the hope they will review them.. & then sell them.. Yes that's wrong.
    Getting an ARC is an extreme privilage. I think a lot of bloggers have forgotten that due to their easy access to them.
    As a reader yes it makes me furious.. I would love to have access to ARC's to keep, but as a reader I don't get that op... Hell the one bound galley I won I didn't get.. I was sent a finished version no different than at walmart.
    Giving them away if you have permission..fine
    Maybe it's time they went to ebook programs like the libraries use.. the bloggers/reviewers have a limited time to have access then it's gone..

  20. It's just dishonest and not cool. Sharing/ giving out ARCs on a blog for a contest is not the same. The author and publisher are still benefitting from this in a promotional sense. I don't think that BEA attendance is or should be about recouping money for entrance/ travel fees.

    More upsetting to me is when I order a used book on amazon or something and get an ARC. I've had this happen several times. And, it wasn't like I was trying to get a book that wasn't out yet. Each of the books were already in paperback. This really upsets me. I've reported sellers for such dishonesty.

  21. @kindlevixen I fixed the link

    @Anonymous I feel sad you don't leave your name. I will not trash you for your opinion nor will I allow anyone else to post a comment that does so to anyone else discussing here. I want to have an open discussion and you can't do that behind masks in my opinion.

    I have thought about what you say, I think maybe you have a point, I give away ARCs to other bloggers usually, people I know, if I want to giveaway one to a reader I usually ask the publisher...but how is this any different, good question...anyone else want to chime in here?

    @Emma you have a point there too. I was angry while typing, something that should not be done. Some people bidding may not know and should not be penalized for the mistake or actions of someone else the same time (I don't know where you are) if you buy something stolen, even if you don't know it is stolen you can get in just as much trouble here in the united states. But, you are correct some of these bidders may not know the books circumstances or that they aren't supposed to be sold. Thank you for bringing that up.

    @iokijo there is a whole other topic there as well, about the readers having access to ARCs and whether the whole world will one day start a blog and try and receive ARCs. The difference in my opinion between a reader and a blogger is the amount of effort I put into reading a book and promoting it. I spend most of my spare time reading, reviewing, making contacts and such, most readers don't do that.

    Thanks for the discussion everyone is being very level headed and open, I like it. Please continue sharing your thoughts.

  22. @Ms Deraps: Thank you for bringing that up. The qualities of ARCS are not the same as a paperback to a hardcover so they should not be sold as such as well..and a lot of sellers do.

  23. Great discussion! I agree that selling ARCs is just wrong, as they are supposed to be for promotional purposes only. And it's a little annoying as well, as I stood in several lines at BEA where they ran out of copies, then to have them show up on eBay? That's just not right.

  24. I just want to state that it is not only bloggers who sell ARCs. BEA allowed people from all facets of the publishing industry, from book sellers to librarians to those working in conjunction with the industry. That stated, I think as bloggers we have the ethical responsibility not to sell arcs. I almost feel I can guarantee some of the creepy old guys in the YA autographing lines probably only wanted those books/arcs to sell, as I noticed they did not get them personalized. However, perhaps I am jumping to unfair conclusions.

  25. Here is the link for ebay's
    Replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies policy.

    There is a link on that page to report listings that offer unauthorized copies of media. Then you have to sign in to your ebay account and send the item number.

    Hope this helps.

  26. It clearly says on ARCs that they are not to be sold so of course making money with them is wrong and IMO even illegal.

    It makes me crazy to see ARCs on ebay, publishers should really try to stop this.

    Regarding buying ARCs on ebay: I guess that most buyers know what ARCs are and that they are not to be sold so buying them is IMO also wrong.

  27. Wow, I can't believe people are really doing that. It sickens me. I hope you can generate enough buzz to have them removed from eBay. If you want to share with another blogger that is one thing, and that is perfectly OK. Selling something that specifically says 'not for sale' to make money off of someone else's extreme generosity is disgusting. THIS is why I felt the 'Professionalism and Ethics' portion of the BBC fell quite short of my expectations of it - he pretty much condoned this.

  28. BTW, you can click report item on the listing, as @wordforteens passed on to me.

  29. Despicable. Truly.

    I agree, it's people who do this sort of thing (though I'd be hesitant to say they are definitely or only book bloggers) that diminish the reputation of all. It's just so selfish. I'll also go out on a limb and speculate that these same people took multiple copies -- on so they could keep it themselves and others to sell.

    I'll say it again, despicable.

    I think if the books have "not for sale" or "not for re-sale" you could technically contact EBAY and have them taken down. That would certainly be against their acceptable use policy.

  30. Thank you for putting up the post. In effect, we hope that any young bloggers in the business of dealing ARCs see just how frowned upon this practice happens to be.

    We're confident that the tsunami of Tweets on this subject also put the word out that the online book review community will step in and take action by flagging unreleased ARCs on Ebay.

  31. I wouldn't neccesarily put the blame on the buyers. Some may be young fans of these authors who do not truly realize why it is bad to buy & sell ARCs. I think 99% of the blame is on the SELLERS who know perfectly well what they are doing!

  32. Monica, I'm definitely going to post about this next week. Where can we get 'the button' for ourselves and to offer to our followers?

  33. I get a TON of ARC's and I fully appreciate each one. So what I do to avoid this whole mess is I give out my ARCs to my friends that I know would appreciate them, because as an aspiring author myself, I would rather my book go to people who loves it, rather than collect dust on a bookshelf somewhere. I don't give them out as contests on my blog, when I do giveaways, I have the author or publisher provide the books themselves, that way I know for sure they are on board.


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