Added to Clear the Decks Giveaway!

I am still reading and still adding to the 'Clear the Decks Giveaway' so here are the books added today:

- ARC of Princess of Glass by: Jessica Day George (I found myself with two of these :)
- Marrying For King's Millions by: Maureen Child
- ARC of Fireworks Over Toccoa by: Jefferey Stepakoff
- ARC of Legend of the White Wolf by: Terry Spear
- Alexandria Gone by: Anna McPartlin
- Necessary Heartbreak by: Micheal J. Sullivan
- Embers by: Laura Bickle
- Firefly Rain by: Richard Dansky
- Marked by: P.C. Cast

So have you entered yet?

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  1. Ummmmm. I think I have entered,but I am not certain! Is there any way to double check?

  2. You entered, I just checked the form.


  3. um i hope i am but not sure. how does one sign up?

  4. I thought I'd entered but I hadn't, so now I have.

  5. Alexa Nernberg

    Hi Monica, I hope that I've already entered, but I honestly can't remember. Please, could you check for me? Thanks very much.


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