Today is a SAD SAD Day!...but good for some winners :)

So...hubs and I are supposed to be moving soonish to a new post. In order to make sure it goes smoothly when it happens we need to start saving some cash. This is a bad month to save cash (3 book signings, and BEA) but I am putting myself on a no book buying budget starting May 1! (I have to get Lover Mine, you are not stopping me) This is such a sad day. I am going to miss going into the bookstore...the only books I am allowed to buy are while I am in NYC and the books needed for book signings, that is it!

Oh and I have some winners:
Winners of the copies of A Certain Wolfish Charm are:

Gail Zerrade w/a Clarissa Southwick said...

Without a doubt, my favorite is Will. Love the silver-tongue. Please enter me to win a free book.

Stephanie said...

My favourite is Samuel from the Mercy Thompson series, has been right from the beginning. Lupin from Harry Potter also ranks up there, but for different reasons.

Please enter me!
Winner of the Read, Remember, Recommend Copy is:

Ladybug said...

Awesome interview, Rachelle and Monica!

Rachelle: I was wondering if you are accepting book recommendations? If so I thought I'd recommend you to read The Fiddler's Gun by A.S. Peterson. The book can be read by all from age 13 and up. I really loved it and believes it has the potential to become a classic.

I think this journal sounds excellent and if I'm not the lucky winner than I need to buy a copy myself.

By the way it was great fun to see a Scandinavian author on Rachelle's list of favorite authors. My better half devoured Larsson's novels.
The Winner of The Highwayman by Michele Hauf is:

Kelsey said...

Thanks for the interview and book giveaway! I've been wanting to read this!

I can't even say how much I enjoyed her books Seraphim and its sequel Gossamer. They are two of my favorite books about fairies. And learning that she wrote a book on vampires...I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Thanks everyone for entering. Winners please email me your info at monicaannkoetz(AT)
and pray I don't go nuts on this book buying ban!

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  1. It IS a sad day! Good luck and to avoid buying new books just busy yourself with moving details, TBR pile and re-read the books you LOVE!

  2. good luck on the book ban! i put myself on one earlier this year and lasted about 2 months. you can do it too :)

  3. You'll do just fine! Think about all the ARC's you'll be able to score at BEA. That should keep you content. Good luck with the move!

  4. totally understand the book ban-- You will prevail, and you are going to the BEA( lucky). There is the library to visit while on the book ban.

  5. That is a very sad day! Power to you for doing this!! I honestly would struggle with it, even though I should put myself on same *book* diet. You can do it!

  6. Congratulations to the winners and good luck with the saving!

  7. Sorry you are moving but you will get settled in before you know it.
    Good Luck...

    Congrats to the winners


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