Pregunta....I need some feedback if you will

Bet you didn't know I speak a bit of Spanish huh? Well...I do...but that's not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about book reviews...more specifically your favorite book review components. If you leave a comment about what you like to see in reviews I will put all the comments into a drawing for a prize. A surprise prize....not sure what yet, you can leave ideas of cool prizes too if you want, you know I love giving away stuff.:) Ends when I feel like it.

So...what are your favorite parts of book reviews? Pick as many or as little as you want. Leave them in a comment.

Please check out the quick form!

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  1. heyz, i can tell you im going to be hypocritical with this because some stuff i do and i will tell you not too because i hate reading it lol

    I love:
    Covers - it's the main reason for reading a book
    Title and Author - preferably in the title, but has to be somewhere near the top
    Page Nos - got to know what im getting myself into lol
    Blurb from back

    I hate:
    Long winded reviews, i like long reviews about interesting books, but the review needs to be interesting as well you know? i dont want to hear every detail about the book just what was enjoyed, what could have been better and a couple of favourite parts
    Short reviews - it lacks effort and looks bad

    I dont mind:
    Where the book reviewer got the book

    And i skip stuff about the authors and links.
    No offense to the authors, i love you guys, but i love your books more, and if i read your book and want to stalk you, i will do that in my own time.

    I also like seeing a release date, just so i know if its out or if i will have to wait, or even, if its really old if i might have to search to get my hands on a copy

  2. Things I like in a book review:
    -Cover image
    -Pertinent information about the book (title, author, pages, publisher)
    -longer reviews that focus on the reader's specific response to the book- what they liked, didn't like, etc.

    Things I don't like in a book review:
    -The synopsis copied from goodreads or amazon or someplace like that, as I tend to read books that I'm already interested in.
    -Short, choppy reviews- I'd rather a reviewer post less often and post longer reviews if need be. I'm not saying you need to go on and on, but I like to know how someone felt while they were reading a book.

    Things I tend to ignore:
    -links to other reviews
    -purchase links on amazon, BAM, or wherever

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hey, this is good stuff to know so I will probably be keeping a eye on this post..LOL

    I like:

    Short reviews
    who the publisher is

    Don't like:

    Long winded reviews that give away to many details of the plot. I want to find that stuff out for myself.

    Don't care either way because I just don't pay much attention too:

    author links
    book links
    where you got the book
    title of your review

  4. How I like it:

    Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Link to authors site/Amazon
    Three words to describe this: (I haven't seen this before!)

    I prefer the reviews to be a couple paragraphs long, with the synopsis pasted from the back of the book. Also, you could highlight/color that so that we know it wasn't something you wrote.

    And of course, anything else you'd like to add. :)
    Love, Hannah

  5. I submitted my form. I hope I've provided additional helpful info!=)

  6. I filled out the form.
    I like:
    Format- it can make a difference
    Blurb or Synopsis- no need for the reviewer to try to rewrite the whole thing!
    Short reviews- I want to know if you liked the book and why.
    Rating the book- it gives me perspective.

    I don't like:
    Long reviews- tmi

    Don't care about:
    Page no's.
    Links to other reviews, authors web sit, etc.

  7. I like to get a general idea for the writing style, and what the characters are like. I also love to see a listing of similar books.

    Don't like:

  8. Hi Monica! I placed my comments in the form for you. But, I have to ask (sorry) but what does "Pregunta" mean? Is it "Please"??/

  9. I put my opinion in the form, but I just wanted to add that I like a short, quick review about what you liked/didn't like and then go in-depth to cover a few things more fully. I definitely want to know the book blurb, genre, and see the cover (so I know what I'm looking for on the shelf).

    I kinda like spoilers so maybe those could be set aside with big warning labels or maybe black box it.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  10. The first thing would be the Cover, that's what usually pulls at me in the store.Tell me about the characters,a brief excerpt to explain the point or theme of book and maybe a link to Authors web site so I can check out their previous work.
    Carol L.

  11. I'm a little confused because you said to leave a comment and then you provided a form. I filled in the form but am commenting here too just in case.

    I think book covers should be in all views. It breaks up the constant text and makes it easier to read plus book covers influence how I pick books.

    I prefer Title and Author in subject line. I don't have time to read every post of every blog in my reader so I scan post titles. If the post title doesn't catch my interest, I don't read it and may miss a good review because of it.

    For nonfiction books I like a table of contents. If it's not self-explanatory what each chapter is about, I include a few words of my own on what it's about.

    Page nos are important because I read smaller books. I'd also like to know if it's a large amount of pages but really small book or short amount of pages but teeny tiny text.

    I love the ones that do a short and longer version of a review so you can read longer if you want.

    I have no problem with book blurbs from backs of books or amazon or whatever although I prefer a shorter version of it, now the three paragraph version. If you reword the summary, the book may not come across the same way.

    Most important is not to have 3 paragraphs of summary and 1 paragraph of review.


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